Research Day

Computer Science Department
University of Vermont

October 10 (Friday), 2003

Votey Hall Room 105



Morning (9:00am - 12:05pm)

9:00 - Welcome (with Dean Bob Jenkins)
9:15 - Faculty and student introduction
- Introducing our new interdisciplinary CS PhD program
- Keynote speech- Prof. S. Muthukrishnan (Rutgers & AT&T Research): Metric Space Embeddings

10:35 - Research group presentation (each 3 min introduction)

10:50 - Faculty & student research presentations
Abdulla Arslan (15 min): "Similarity Searches in Strings, and Dictionaries"
Robert Snapp (15 min): "Six problems in search of a graduate student" (PDF)
Jun Ge (5 min, Gagan S. Mirchandani's student): "Wavelets & Denoising" (PPT) 
Xindong Wu (35 min): "Noise Identification and Data Mining" (PPT)
Ying Yang, Hill Zhu
Stella Chen "Inductive Learning on Partitioned Data" (PPT)
Jeff Stone "A Semantic Network for Modeling Biological Knowledge in Multiple Databases" (PPT)


Lunch (12:05 - 1:30pm, provided by the Department)


Afternoon (1:30 - 6:00pm)

1:30 - Welcome back (with Frances E. Carr, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies)
1:40 - Presenting CS alumnus Dr. Jim Vincent (NIH): The Role of Bioinformatics in Gene Discovery
(PDF Slides)
2:10 - Panel discussion (Panelists: Chris Allen, Russ Tracy, Jim Vincent, Xindong Wu, Philip Yu)
- How to advertise our PhD program and attract good students into our graduate programs
- How to increase research collaboration among faculty
- How to attract external funding such as: NSF IGERT and CSEMS
- How to initiate/increase interactions with local industry

3:10 - ******Break*******

3:40 - Faculty & student presentation
Maggie Eppstein (15 min): "Research overview in Computational Biosciences Laboratory: biomedical fluorescence tomography, crystallography" 
Josh Gilbert (5 min) 
Byung Lee (10 min): "Predictive modeling in data management" (PPT)
Zhen He (10 min): "Adaptive incremental cost modeling of user-defined functions" (PPT)
Songtao Jiang (5 min): "Cost modeling of spatial search operators using nonparametric regression" (PPT)
Chris Skalka (15 min): "Types and Language-Based Security" (PDF)
X. Sean Wang (20 min): “Streaming Data Monitoring, Information Security, and Temporal Data Mining” (PPT)
Like Gao: “Optimizing SQL queries involving similarity searches” (PPT)

5:00 - Keynote by Dr. Philip Yu (IBM Watson & UVM): Mining Data Streams
5:40 - Wrap-up and reception

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