University of Vermont

Department of Computer Science

Minor / Certificate

Minor in Computer Science

The Computer Science Minor is a cross-college minor available to all UVM students. The requirements are 18 credit hours of Computer Science to include nine credit hours at the 100 level or above. Minor curricula must be approved by a Computer Science advisor.

Pre-approved tracks:

  • general: CS 21, 110, 64, and nine credits from courses numbered CS 100 or higher.
  • database systems: CS 21, 110, 64, 124, 148, 204.
  • mathematical aspects of computer science: CS 21, 110, 64, 124, any two of [224, 243, 266].
  • computer engineering: CS 21, 110, 64, 121, 124, 201 or 222.
  • web design: CS 0XX, 8, 21, 142, 148, 1XX.

Certificate in Computer Software

The Department of Computer Science and the Division of Continuing Education offer a non-degree Certificate in Computer Software that requires five courses (at least 15 credits) in approved CS courses at UVM.

The certificate program offers a flexible selection of courses to meet individual needs. For example, one can design a program in preparation for admission to the Master of Science program for students whose undergraduate degree is from another academic discipline.

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