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BS, Major in Computer Science

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BS CS 2014-15 Catalog

Degree Requirements are defined by the official UVM Catalogue.

*HOWEVER the 2014-15 official catalog linked above actually has an error, in that it lists CS elective requirements as "Eighteen additional credits, including three at the 0XX-level (or above), three at the 1XX-level (or above), and twelve credits at the 2XX-level", which is incorrect.

The actual requirements are: "Eighteen additional credits in CS, including three at the 0XX-level (or above), six at the 1XX-level (or above), and nine credits at the 2XX-level", and these are the requirements that will be enforced.

Here is a handy spreadsheet you can use to keep track of progress toward your BSCS degree. Here is a PDF version

Here is a visual graph of prerequisite dependencies in CS and math classes.

Here are some Sample Course Sequences.