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Michael Fickes Michael Fickes, a CEMS Sophomore majoring in Computer Science, obtained an internship for the Summer of 2013 with LORD Microstrain, developers of "tiny sensors and systems that are used in a wide range of applications, including advanced manufacturing, off-highway vehicles, commercial and military manned and unmanned vehicles, civil structures, and down-hole tools." They are located in Williston, Vermont.

"This summer I was fortunate enough to work as a software engineering intern for LORD Microstrain Sensing Systems in Williston, Vermont. I developed code for Node Commander, the software that customers use to configure their wireless sensors. This opportunity was incredibly valuable for me as it provided real experience in the field, strengthened my resume, and created future work opportunities.

While UVM does a great job teaching software development techniques, my experience at Microstrain was invaluable for my education. Most of the assignments at UVM are completed individually, and can be finished in just a few days. My opportunity this summer involved working on code that had been worked on by many people and was years in the making. I had to make sure that everything I wrote fit well with what other people had already written.

I received great mentoring during this internship. I went into this internship with only basic knowledge of C++, but now feel very comfortable working with it. My mentor was always available and willing to help if I wanted it, but he made sure to challenge and teach me rather than simply telling me answers.

I would highly recommend pursuing an internship yourself. Vermont HITEC is a great resource for this process. They helped me the entire way, including giving me interview and resume suggestions, finding me many internship opportunities that were good fits, and checking in throughout the internship to make sure things were going well. While at first getting an internship seemed like a daunting task, they turned the process into something much easier.

I will be continuing to work with Microstrain part-time during the school year and hope to return as a full-time intern next summer."

-Michael Fickes

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