University of Vermont

Department of Computer Science

Faculty & Staff

  1. Graduate Student AdvisorJosh Bongard

    Josh Bongard

    Associate Professor

    Expertise:Evolutionary robotics, evolutionary computation, physical simulation

    Office: 205 Farrell

    Phone: 802-656-4665


  2. Graduate Student AdvisorMargaret (Maggie) Eppstein

    Margaret (Maggie) Eppstein

    Chair / Associate Professor

    Expertise:Complex systems modeling and analysis, including evolutionary and agent-based computing, artificial neural networks, complex networks, etc., with applications in a variety of biological, physical, technological, and social domains.

    Office: 351C Votey

    Phone: 656-1918 (direct line) or 656-3330 (to leave a message)


  3. Robert Erickson

    Robert Erickson

    Senior Lecturer

    Expertise:Education in Computer Science, Online Learning, Web development. Cross country skiing, Fishing, Hiking, Hunting, Snow shoeing, Tracking and Nature Observation.

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    Office: 331 Votey

    Hours: 1:55 to 2:45 MW

    Phone: (802)-656-8137


  4. Penni French

    Penni French

    Academic Office Coordinator

    Office: 351 Votey

    Phone: (802)-656-3330


  5. Jackie Horton

    Jackie Horton

    Senior Lecturer

    Office: 321 Votey

    Hours: Monday and Wednesday 10am-noon or by appointment

    Phone: 656-4398


  6. Graduate Student AdvisorByung S. Lee

    Byung S. Lee


    Expertise:Database. Data mining. Data stream. Query processing. Event processing.

    Office: 321 Votey

    Phone: (802)-656-1919


  7. Graduate Student AdvisorAlan Ling

    Alan Ling

    Associate Professor

    Expertise:1) Combinatorial design theory including pairwise balanced designs, group divisible designs, triple systems. 2) Coding theory, sequence designs and connection to design theory. 3) Applications of design theory to computer science, engineering and science. 4) Statistical design of experiments.

    Office: 325 Votey

    Hours: Wednesday 4-5pm, 7-9pm or by appointments

    Phone: 6-8688


  8. Alison Pechenick

    Alison Pechenick

    Senior Lecturer

    Expertise:Scientific Computation with MATLAB
    Technology and Society
    Computer Organization

    Office: 319 Votey

    Hours: Wednesdays and Fridays, 10-11:30 a.m. Office Hours also by appointment

    Phone: 656-2547


  9. Graduate Student AdvisorChristian Skalka

    Christian Skalka

    Associate Professor

    Expertise:Programming languages, logic in computer science, wireless sensor networks.

    Office: 379 Votey

    Hours: TR 2:00-3:30.

    Phone: (802)656-1920


  10. Graduate Student AdvisorRobert Snapp

    Robert Snapp

    Associate Professor

    Expertise:Statistical pattern recongnition, image analysis

    Office: 353 Votey

    Hours: Tuesdays, 1:30–3:00 pm; Fridays 2:00–4:00 pm, and by appointment.

    Phone: (802)-656-0735


  11. Graduate Student AdvisorXindong Wu

    Xindong Wu


    Expertise:data mining, knowledge-based systems, Web information exploration.

    Office: 351C Votey

    Hours: Monday and Wednesday 12 noon ~ 1pm

    Phone: 6-7839


Secondary Appointments

  1. Elizabeth Chen

    Elizabeth Chen

    Assistant Professor (Secondary Appointment)

    Expertise:Biomedical and Health Informatics, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Discovery, Electronic Health Records, Clinical Decision Support Systems

    Office: N311 Given

    Phone: 656-8287


  2. Chris Danforth

    Chris Danforth

    Associate Professor (Secondary Appointment)

    Expertise:Chaos, Mathematical Modeling, Computational Methods, Numerical Weather Prediction, Complex Systems

    Office: 218 Farrell

    Phone: (802) 656-3032


  3. Jeffrey Dinitz

    Jeffrey Dinitz

    Professor (Secondary Appointment)

    Office: 206 Mansfield

    Phone: 656-4292


  4. Peter Sheridan Dodds

    Peter Sheridan Dodds

    Professor (Secondary Appointment)

    Expertise:Complex systems and networks, contagion, sociotechnical phenomena, happiness, stories.

    Office: 201 Farrell

    Hours: See my current course websites at <a href=""></a>

    Phone: x62940


  5. Mary Dunlop

    Mary Dunlop

    Assistant Professor (Secondary Appointment)

    Expertise:Synthetic biology, systems biology, control theory, dynamical systems, nonlinear dynamics, biofuels.

    Office: 231B Votey

    Phone: 802-656-8154


  6. Paul Hines

    Paul Hines

    Assistant Professor (Secondary Appointment)

    Expertise:Electrical energy systems, decentralized (agent-based) control systems, complex networks and vulnerability, optimization, energy policy

    Office: 203 Farrell

    Hours: Tues/Thurs 4-5pm in Farrell, or 11:45-12:30 in Votey 315 on some M/W/F days.

    Phone: 802.656.9660


  7. Dawei Li

    Dawei Li

    Assistant Professor (Secondary Appointment)

    Expertise:Human genetics and genome research for disease gene identification

    Office: 008 Hills Building

    Phone: 802-656-9838


  8. Gagan Mirchandani

    Gagan Mirchandani

    Professor (Secondary Appointment)

    Expertise:Signal Processing, Image Processing, Wavelets

    Office: 355 Votey

    Hours: Generally available most of the day, except at class times.

    Phone: (802)656-4587


  9. Kurt Oughstun

    Kurt Oughstun

    Professor (Secondary Appointment)

    Expertise:Electromagnetic and optical field theory, ultrawideband dispersive pulse propagation, linear and nonlinear optics, applied mathematics.

    Office: 361A Votey

    Hours: Wednesday 9 - 11:30 AM and 2 - 4:00 PM

    Phone: (802)656-4301


  10. George Pinder

    George Pinder

    Professor (Secondary Appointment)

    Expertise:Mathematic methods applied to groundwater hydrology.

    Office: 371 Votey

    Phone: (802)-656-8697


  11. Michael Radermacher

    Michael Radermacher

    Associate Professor (Secondary Appointment)

    Expertise:Three-dimensional (3D) Reconstruction of Single Particles from Electron Micrographs

    Office: 120 HSRF

    Phone: 656-4834


  12. Donna Rizzo

    Donna Rizzo

    Professor (Secondary Appointment)

    Office: 219 Votey

    Phone: (802)-656-1495


  13. Neil Sarkar

    Neil Sarkar

    Assistant Professor (Secondary Appointment)

    Expertise:Biomedical Informatics, Bio-ontologies, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Phylogenetics

    Phone: 656-8283


  14. Jun Yu

    Jun Yu

    Professor (Secondary Appointment)

    Office: 201 Lord House

    Phone: 656-8539


  15. Asim Zia

    Asim Zia

    Assistant Professor (Secondary Appointment)

    Expertise:Computational Policy Analysis, Decision Analysis, Complex Systems (in particular Agent Based Modeling, System Dynamic Modeling, Bayesian Network Modeling)


  1. Jeanne Douglas

    Jeanne Douglas

    Senior Lecturer Emeritus