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Guidelines for Distribution of Professional Development Funds

Below are the Department of Computer Science guidelines finalized in Spring 2003 for distribution of professional development funds:

  • Each faculty member will get $250 to spend on their own professional development activities. The receipts for the $250 are subject to the University Finance Department's approval for reimbursement. Legitimate expenses include journal subscriptions, professional memberships and books/conference proceedings.
  • The remaining funds from the departmental professional development account will be used as a central pool for everyone to apply. Most (if not all) of these funds will be used to support travel expenses. A faculty member can get up to $2,500 from these funds.
  • Requests for funds from the central pool must be sent to the Chair before October 1.
  • On May 1, all non encumbered funds will be available for re-distribution. The re-distribution will be in reverse order of how much the faculty member has already received (the total will most likely be less than $800 if no trip was taken.)

The Chair is prepared to provide additional travel support from the departmental operating budget subject to (1) the importance of such a need, and (2) available funds in the operating budget.