Accessing Virtual Votey on a Windows PC

There are two options for accessing Virtual Votey, this page contains directions for both.

First, using your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc) go to

Here there are two choices:
   A.) Install VMware Horizon View Client -- installs on the computer or device
   B.) Access Virtual Votey via web browser.
It takes longer to install the View Client, but once installed, accessing Virtual Votey is faster.

To access via web browser:

1.) Click on the VMware Horizon View HTML Access icon:

2.) Authenticate with NetID/Password when prompted (Domain is CAMPUS).

You will be connected to the server.

3.) Click on Virtual Votey.

That will bring up the desktop. (This takes a while.)

To install the View Client:

1.) Click on the Install VMware Horizon View Client icon:

This will take you to the VMWare download site.

2.) Choose either 32 bit or 64 bit VMware Horizon View Client depending on your operating system.
Don't worry if you pick the wrong one, it will just refuse to install.
Don't pick the VMware Horizon View Client for Windows with Local Mode Option, CEMS-CF doesn't support that.

3.) This will take you to yet another VMware page where you can actually download the version you want.
Click on the Download button:

4.) Go to where you saved the downloaded file and run it. This will bring up the setup wizard. Click Next.

5.) Accept the End-User License Agreement after reading and studying it.

6.) Click Next on the Custom Setup screen without making changes.

7.) Use for the Default View Connection Server

Click Next

8.) Click Next on the Enhanced Single Sign On screen
9.) Choose what shortcuts you want and click Next.
10.) Click on Install
11.) Click on Finish.
12.) Restart your system.

To run the View Connection Client:

1.) Navigate to where you installed a shortcut and run VMware Horizon View Client
2.) Double click on

3.) Enter your NetID and password to authenticate (Domain is CAMPUS.)

4.) Double click on Virtual Votey

5.) It takes a minute, and you'll now be connected to Virtual Votey.

Keep in mind that Virtual Votey is intended as a platform for students to run costly licensed software without having to come in to Votey and that some other software, while installed, won't run.