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CEMS Career Readiness Program

CEMS Career Readiness Program


The mission of the CEMS Career Readiness Program is to provide opportunities that prepare students for active, productive, and successful postgraduate careers.


  • Assist students in securing practical, high-quality internships, co-ops, and jobs related to their major and career goals
  • Provide high quality, effective professional development opportunities to enhance postgraduate success
  • Foster partnerships with local companies to enhance student opportunities and ensure the development of qualified entry-level candidates
  • Provide career exploration opportunities
  • Improve student job competitiveness
  • Improve student retention and recruitment


The CEMS Career Planning Program is comprised of:

  • CEMS Summer Internship Program Various Companies partner with UVM to hold a summer internship opportunity specifically for a UVM CEMS student. Students can apply by submitting a resume, cover letter, and recommendations. The entire process from application to completion of the internship is facilitated by the CEMS Career Readiness Program Coordinator, Lauren Petrie.
  • CEMS Engineering Co-op Program
    Similar to the Summer Internship Program, this program offers year long Cooperative Education experiences. Students who are interested in gaining industry experience for one year should discuss opportunities with CEMS Career Readiness Program Coordinator, Lauren Petrie.
  • Internship & Co-op Placement Services
    The CEMS Career Readiness Program Coordinator, Lauren Petrie can meet with students to help them prepare for, find, and secure a variety of different professional opportunities (internships, co-ops, job shadows, etc.) and help them network with employers.
  • Classroom & Student Club/Organization Presentations
    The CEMS Career Readiness Program Coordinator, Lauren Petrie presents in various CEMS courses during students first year in CEMS, and also coordinates events and workshops with CEMS Student Clubs and Organizations.
  • Career & Professional Development Activities
    The UVM Career Center and CEMS Career Readiness Program offer several career planning services and events including cover letter and resume help, interview preparation, job shadowing, career panels, recruitment events, and workshops.

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