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UVM Engineering Student Prototype Systems Presented

Approximately 50 projects designed by UVM senior engineering students were on display on Wednesday, May 1, 2013 in the Dudley Davis Center from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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Julian Tryba and fellow University of Vermont engineering students have built a flying robot, or drone, with the goal of capturing video while following its subject:

Solar Powered Top:

Each team worked with an outside company, non-profit,entrepreneur or community; or with the UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences School of Engineering and other UVM faculty research projects to undertake system- and product-design projects that address a variety of engineering issues. Innovative ideas and devices included:

  • Eleview – a flying robot that can follow and film you
  • A Solar Gyroscope
  • NASA Lunabotics Mining Robot
  • Innovative Golf Driver
  • Automated Testing of Torsional Loads on Guided Munitions
  • Hops Pellet Mill
  • Energy Efficient Smart Skylight Shades
  • Pneumatic Ski Press
  • Analysis of Wind Tunnel Turning Vanes
  • Foam Suppressant System for Maple Evaporator
  • Home Steam Dock: A Household Steam Appliance

 Twenty five of the projects represent the work of UVM seniors in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering who take a year-long capstone project course known as SEED, for “Senior Experience in Engineering Design”. In addition, fourteen teams from the Civil and Environmental Engineering senior project course will present their project outcomes.

 “These ‘real-world’ projects require integration of student knowledge of undergraduate engineering topics from several disciplines as well as original creative thinking,” says John Novotny, Coordinator of the SEED Projects. “All parties gain: the students learn new skills and gain confidence from creating the prototype devices, while the external partners receive prototype solutions to their problems – as well as an extended opportunity to observe senior engineers who will soon be looking for jobs.”

 Each team has one or more mentors from the faculty of CEMS and other UVM Colleges, and most work directly with engineers and professionals from off-campus partners, this year partners include: Applied Research Associates, Ascension Technology Corp, Milton, VT, BombTech Golf, Burton Snowboards, Caledonia Spirits, Choquette Dairy LLC,  Gordon’s Windows, IBM, Ideas Well Done, HG Skis, Kaman Composites, NASA, Alternative Energy Racing Organization and Plasan Carbon Composites, SOH Wind Engineering LLC, UTC Aerospace Systems, UVM Proctor Maple Research Center, Vermont Lung Center, and Bill Powell and Kris Anderson.

 Civil Engineering Partners: City of Burlington, Chittenden Solid Waste District, Milton Public Works Department, The Farm Between (Jeffersonville), Town of Charlotte, Town of Jericho, Town of Williston, Village of Essex Junction, Village of Johnson, and UVM College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


Opportunities for 2013-2014

 Interested companies of all sizes, consumer advocacy groups, industry organizations, non-profits, entrepreneurs and faculty research groups are encouraged to develop SEED projects for Academic year 2013-1014 by contacting:

John Novotny, Principal SEED Instructor

Research Associate Professor

"John E. Novotny"


The UVM CEMS SEED Teams are:

Team A

Title: Innovative Golf Driver

Team: Mark Belanger (ME), Ryan Corey (ME), Ryan Mickelson (ME), Evan Olson (ME)

Project Mentor: Douglas Fletcher

Project Sponsor: BombTech Golf

Liaison: Tyler Sullivan, Owner


Team B

Title: Monitoring Snowboard Vibrations In A Laboratory Setting

Bryant Hughes (ME), Robert Seal (ME), Justin Strohsnitter (ME), Benjamin Walters (ME), Dane Weister (ME)

Project Mentor: John E. Novotny

Project Sponsor:  Burton Snowboards

Liaisons: Jeff Burga, Rachel Gitajn


Team C

Title: NASA Lunabotics Mining Robot

Will Baker (EE), Adam Benjamin (EE), Stephen Bosley (EE), Elise Mazurak (ME), Jake Giffuni (ME)

Project Liaisons and Mentors: Stephen Titcomb, Darren Hitt

Project Sponsor: NASA


Team D

Title: Solar Gyroscope

Margo Adams (ME), Courtney Allen (EE), Hans Brakely (ME), Brendan Meryman (ME), Nathan Powers (EE), Liana Schneidman (ME)

Project Mentor: Jeff Frolik

Project Sponsor and Liaison: Ethan Bond-Watts


Team E

Title: Eleview- A flying robot that can follow and film you

Julian Tryba (ME), David Bernstein (ME), Cyril Brunner (EE), Nicholai L’Esperance (EE), David Hinckley (ME)

Project Mentor and Liaison: Jeff Frolik

Project Sponsor:  MITRE Corporation and the College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences


Team F

Title: Low Noise Amplifier

Britney Adamczak (EE), Eric Hunt-Schroeder (EE), Tri Nguyen (EE)

Project Mentor: Tian Xia

Project Sponsor:  IBM

Liaisons: Jui-Chu Lee, Randy Wolf


Team G

Title: Novel Method for Characterizing Breathing Flow in Partially Ventilated Patients

Will Turner (ME), Peter Aldermeshian (EE), Charlie Lacroix (EE), Josh Nason (ME)

Project Mentors and Liasons:  Jason Bates, Baoshun Ma

Project Sponsor: Vermont Lung Center


Team H

Title: Carbon Fiber Cantilever Suspension for FSAE Racing

Richard Wester (ME), Marc Soldini (ME), Sam Wagner (ME)

Project Mentor: Dr. Rachael Oldinski

Project Sponsor: Alternative Energy Racing Organization and Plasan Carbon Composites


Team I

Title: Home Steam Dock: A Household Steam Appliance

Phil Foerster (ME), Joe Gallo (EE), Sam Holland (ME), Moustafa Mendscole (EE)

Project Mentor: Michael Rosen

Project Sponsor: Ideas Well Done

Liaison: Steve Bogner


Team J

Title: 2D Actuation System for Precise Sensor Manufacture

Andrew Killorin (EE), Joe Koltz (EE), Brian Richardson (ME), Charles Storey (ME)

Project Mentor: Michael Cross

Project Sponsor:  Ascension Technology Corporation, Milton, VT. 

Liasons: Gary Walz, Operations Manager. Glenn Dewar, Process Engineer Technician.


Team L

Title: Water Recycling System

Alyssa Enderle (ME), Dan Kendall (ME), Erica Weber (ME), Cory Haas (ME),  Leanna Cornelius (ME)

Project Mentor: Dr. William Louisos

Project Sponsor:  Caledonia Spirits.

Liaisons: Todd Hardie, Ryan Christiansen and Brent Bartlett 


Team M

Title: WAVES – Wave Action Volatiles Extraction System

Libby Kirby, Tanner Haskins, Cooper Van Vranken, Chris Smith

Project Mentor: Jeffrey Marshall

Project Sponsor: Applied Research Associates

Liaisons: Greg Hewitt


Team N

Title: Extendable Eye for the Pointman Tactical Robot

Sean Arsenault (ME), Peter Elliot (ME), Robert Serra (ME), Colby Vavolotis (ME)

Project Mentor: Michael Fortney

Project Sponsor: Applied Research Associates

Liaison: Scott Teuscher


Team O

Title: Foam Suppressant System for Maple Evaporator

Will Roohan (ME), Cody Spiegel (ME), Steve Zaloudek (ME), Chris Ghazi (ME), Will Murphy (ME), Pat Costello (ME)

Project Mentor: Yves Dubief

Project Sponsor:  UVM Proctor Maple Research Center

Liaisons: Timothy Perkins, Mark Isselhardt


Team P

Title: Automating Hand Lay-Up of Carbon Composite Parts for the Military and Medical Industries

John Huss (ME), Nicholas Ellison (ME), Kai Leo (ME), Lauren Johnson (ME)

Project Mentor: Dryver Huston

Project Sponsor: Kaman Composites



Team Q

Title: Energy Efficient Smart Skylight Shade

Christopher Carlos (ME), Vasu Sojitra (ME),  Steve Kling (EE), Anthony Maccarone (EE)

Project Mentor: Michael Rosen

Project Sponsor: Gordon’s Windows

Liaisons: Gordon Clements and Rob Conklin 


Team R

Title: Hops Pellet Mill

Niall Motson (ME), Tyler Ellis (ME), Christina Foster (ME),  Kyle Kulp (EE)

Project Mentor: Michael Rosen

Project Sponsors and Liaisons: Bill Powell and Kris Anderson


Team S

Title: Quantifying Fracture of Ceramic Armor Tiles

Tyler Arnold (ME), Marc Biondi (ME), Ryan Dulude (ME), Kevin Schneider (ME)

Project Mentor: Dryver Huston

Project Sponsor: General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products

Liaison: Ajit Sane


Team T

Title: Development of a Hi-Throughput Centrifugal Sucrose Melt Spinning Process & Device

Matthew Mainer (ME), Ian Mattoon(EE), and Charlotte Morgan (ME)

Project Mentor: Walter Varhue

Project Sponsor: -

Liaison: -


Team U

Title: Automated Testing of Torsional Loads on Guided Munitions

Joe Shannawi (EE), Elvis Beric (ME), Derek Wilczynski (ME)  

Project Mentor: John E. Novotny

Project Sponsor:  UTC Aerospace Systems Project

Liaison: Richard Manning


Team V

Title: Pneumatic Ski Press

Gus Barber (ME), Mike Perkins (ME), Mike Noel (ME), Will Kearney (ME)

Project Mentor:  Yves Dubief

Project Sponsor: HG Skis

Liaison: Harrison Goldberg


Team W

Title: Choquette Dairy Paper Shredder

Chris Carswell (ME), Andrew Choquette (ME), Bryan Choquette (ME), Shawn Fitzgerald (ME)

Project Mentor: John E. Novotny

Project Sponsor: Choquette Dairy LLC

Liaisons: Lisa Choquette, Adam Choquette


Team X

Title: Modified Theremin

Andrew Biss (EE), Harry Hollister (ME), Amanda Meltzer (ME), Rich Smith (EE)

Project Mentor: Stephen Titcomb

Project Sponsor: Student Team


Team Y

Title: CFD Analysis of Wind Tunnel Turning Vanes

Ian Pond (ME), Danny Moore (ME) 

Project Mentor: Yves Dubief

Project Sponsor:  SOH Wind Engineering LLC

Liaison: Robert Stewart, General Manager


The UVM CEMS CE Projects are:

  1. Jericho Center, Vermont: Browns Trace Road Traffic Calming and Parking Realignment, Town of Jericho (Students: Nicole Rrogers, Kyler Parrow, Ben Joslin, Brian Ribbans)
  2. Williston Green Streets: Mitigating Roadway Ponding via Rain Gardens and Infiltration, Public Works, Town of Williston ( Students: Olivia Lincoln, Nate Robeson, Tyler Fish, Pat Flaherty, Scott Goodwin)
  3. Feed Optimization for Combined Heat and Power co-Digestion, Village of Essex Junction (Students: Tyler Cofelice, Will Chandler, Amanda Raab, Chris Mangieri, Michael Webb)
  4. The Village of  Essex Junction Snowmelt Staging Area Redesign, Village of Essex Junction (Students: James Coolidge, Danylo Whalen, Josh Kline, Anders Franon)
  5. Design of Railroad Adjacent Multi-use Recreational Path and Bo Culvert in the Village of Essex Junction, Village of Essex Junction (Students: Whitney Dumville, Nathan Baker, Jonathan Watroba, Kasy Cybulak)
  6. Design a hiking/biking trail (and alternatives) along State Park Road, Town of Charlotte (Students: Will Hayden, Justin Whipple, Chandler Smith, Annabelle Dalley)
  7. Silage Runoff Management, Rainwater Salvage and Energy, UVM College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) (Students: Jesse Danner, Mollie Caliri, Sara Fleishman, Mitch Switzer, Danielle Bassignani)
  8. Hort Farm Stormwater Remediation and Sustainable Facility Redesign, UVM CALS (Students: Sebastian Downs, Dane Liljestrand, Henry Maquire, Shawn Cunningham, Dan Thomas)
  9. North Winooski Avenue Complete Street Redesign, Burlington Bicycle & Pedestrian Program (Students: Aaron Wiener, Ian Robison, Kelsie Record, Ricky Sughrue, Matt Matuszewski)
  10. Archibald Roadway and Intersection Redesign at North Prospect Street, City of Burlington (Students: JJ Newland, Tim Manahan, James Thorne, Reed Case)
  11. Solution to Rural Roadway Washout during High Water Events at the Scribner Bridge in Johnson, VT, Town and Village of Johnson (Students: Ryan Dwosh, Margaret Duffy, Josh Maxfield, Travis Gingras, Josh Kennedy)
  12. Design of Sidewalk, Retaining Wall, and Drainage Solutions for 3 Sites Along US Route 7 in Milton, VT, Town of Milton Public Works Department (Students: David Marsee, Robert Worley, Ian Adams, Wayne Johson, Lindsay Taylor)
  13. Slope Failure and Watershed Delineation, Chittenden Solid Waste District (Students: Will Greenwood, Eric Denardo, Nick deMontigny, Karl Roth, Tim Glassberg)
  14. The Farm Between Restoration: Structural Analysis and Repairs of Historic Dairy Barn, and Concrete Silo Deconstruction Proposal, The Farm Between (Jeffersonville) – (Students: Odanis Rosairo, Hannah Malloy, Joe White, Colter Peterson, Robert Peterson)