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The 2012 May/June issue of  TR News 280* a publication of the National Academy of Sciences features research entitled, “Innovative Data Collection for Pedestrians, Bicycles,and Other Non–Motor Vehicle Modes” by  Lisa Aultman-Hall, Jonathan Dowds, and Brian H. Y. Lee, faculty in the School of Engineering and the UVM Transportation Research Center.

This research reflects an urgent need to collect bicycle and pedestrian travel data.  Bicycles, skateboards, strollers, rollerblades scooters and wheelchairs provide mobility for seniors, youth, and physically and mentally challenged and have differing levels of benefits and risks that required documentation.  The lack of data for these modes results in a lack of informed decision making about facilities and other programs and is a significant reason why these modes continue to have limited trip shares nationally.

UVM’s Transportation Research Center (TRC) is currently working to fill these data gaps.  Video cameras mounted by Jim Sullivan and his team over the last year on utility poles and trees in both urban and rural areas of Vermont have demonstrated that many bicycle and pedestrian trips are still going unaccounted for.  Nationally most research focuses on larger urban areas.  The UVM team plans to bring their data forward to demonstrate that walking and biking are viable modes in rural and suburban areas as well.  Other CEMS biking and walking research includes how youth travel.  Other TRC work with the UVM Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources (RSENR) includes non-motorized travel for tourism and leisure.

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