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Dean's Office
Genevieve Anthony Genevieve Anthony - Academic Advisor
Photo not available. Sylvie Butel - Research Support and Finance Specialist

Douglas Dickey Douglas Dickey - Assistant Dean
Alicia Ellis Alicia Ellis - Internship Coordinator
Internship Coordinator
Anthony Fouche Anthony Fouche - Grant Facilitator
Luis Garcia Luis Garcia - Dean
Water resources, agricultural water use, and decision support systems.
Jenn Karson Jenn Karson - Communication Professional
Design + Technology Vermont Fab Lab
Matt Manz Matt Manz - Academic Advisor
Michelle Mayette Michelle Mayette - Administrative Assistant
Marnie Owen Marnie Owen - Academic/Student Services Advisor
International higher education, transfer credit, FERPA (student privacy rights), CATS reports (degree audits), student affairs.
Mary Reilly Mary Reilly - Assistant to the Dean
Budget and personnel management
Joan Rosebush Joan Rosebush - Director of Student Success
Preventing Mathematics Anxiety!
Shalini Suryanarayana Shalini Suryanarayana - TAACCCT Program Director
Sharon Sylvester Sharon Sylvester - Executive Assistant to the Dean
School of Engineering
Karen Bernard Karen Bernard - Administrative Assistant
Photo not available. Max Graves - Lab Manager
Pattie McNatt Pattie McNatt - Administrative Assistant, School of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Program and Grad Applications Coordinator
Andrea Pearce Andrea Pearce - Research Associate
Computer Science
Margaret (Maggie) Eppstein Margaret (Maggie) Eppstein - Chair / Associate Professor
Complex systems modeling and analysis, including evolutionary and agent-based computing, artificial neural networks, complex networks, etc., with applications in a variety of biological, physical, technological, and social domains.
Penni French Penni French - Academic Office Coordinator
Mathematics & Statistics
Jeffrey Buzas Jeffrey Buzas - Professor, Chairperson, Director of Statistics
Meghan Kelly Meghan Kelly - Program Assistant

Greg Warrington Greg Warrington - Associate Chair, Professor
Algebraic combinatorics
Karen Wright Karen Wright - Administrative Assistant
Computer Facility
Tim Raymond Tim Raymond - Director
Victor Rossi Victor Rossi - Senior IT Professional
Jim White Jim White - Senior IT Professional
MySQL programming in the (yuuch) Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, and Solaris environments, as well as web pages using PHP.
Debra Fraser Debra Fraser - Administrative Assistant

Laurel Zeno Laurel Zeno - VSGC/Nasa EPSCoR Program Coordinator
Vermont Math Initiative
Photo not available. Katherine Lamphier - Program Support