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Physical Review E Features Golden Research

Release Date: 09-16-2010

Author: Dawn Densmore

Kenneth Golden The current issue of Physical Review E published by the American Physical Society features an article entitled, "Dynamics of two-dimensional dipole systems" by Dr. Kenneth Golden, with co-authors Gabor Kalman, Peter Hartmann and Zoltan Donko.

Golden, the Williams Professor of Mathematics, is a professor of mathematics, engineering (secondary appointment), and physics (secondary appointment). He has a long and distinguished scholarly record in the areas of electrodynamics, statistical mechanics and kinetic theory of charged-particle systems, strongly coupled plasma physics/condensed matter plasmas, and applied mathematics.

Golden's awards include: Fellow, American Physical Society; Fellow, Institute of Physics (UK); Fellow, Australian Institute of Physics; Senior Fulbright Scholar to Australia; University Scholar in the Basic and Applied Sciences; and College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences Distinguished Professor. He has held visiting appointments at the Australian National University, the University of Paris-Orsay, Oxford University, the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (Trieste, Italy), and the University of New South Wales to name a few.

The research article combines powerful analytical techniques with molecular dynamics simulations to generate current fluctuation spectra and longitudinal and transverse collective mode dispersions of the two-dimensional dipole system in its liquid and crystalline phases. This work provides new insights into the dynamical behavior of two-dimensional bosonic superfluids and closely spaced electron-hole bilayers in semiconductors, topics that are currently in the forefront of condensed matter plasma physics.

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