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Beyond Your Service-Learning Course

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In addition to developing and teaching SL courses, CUPS staff can help faculty can take their community engaged practice deeper. This may include building a stronger network within your academic department, connecting with other faculty or department around a shared interest area, or enriching your own scholarship with a focus on service-learning and community engagement. A few options are below, and please contact us if you would like to discuss your own ideas in more detail.

Dialogue Groups

CUPS has convened groups of faculty with similar research and teaching interest areas, including publically-engaged art & design, refugees/New Americans, and sustainability. These groups are intended to increase coordination among these faculty, deepen collaboration with community partners, and provide opportunities for faculty to reflect on best practices in community engagement. Lunch is provided by CUPS.

If you would like to suggest or co-convene a group, please contact Susan Munkres.

CUPS Partnership and Scholarship Development Grants

CUPS is now offering larger grants to support the deepening of existing partnerships, which could yield increased benefits to community partners, faculty and students. This grant is open to all graduates of the Faculty Fellows for Service-Learning program. Grants will be reviewed 3 times a year, but don’t hesitate to contact Susan at any time with ideas or questions. Grants also support the development of research on service-learning pedagogy at UVM.

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Research and scholarly activity has been directed at teaching for decades, with the development of entire bodies of knowledge about teaching effectiveness both as a discipline, and as subfields within existing disciplines. The Carnegie Foundation defines the scholarship of teaching and learning as "problem posing about an issue of teaching or learning, study of the problem through methods appropriate to the disciplinary epistemologies, applications of results to practice, communication of results, self-reflection, and peer review." Faculty at UVM have published research in peer-reviewed journals about their service-learning, both within the broader field, and within their disciplinary fields. CUPS is happy to provide resources, orientation to the field, referrals to appropriate conferences and professional development opportunities and the like.

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