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William Keeton's Carbon-Related Publications

Ray, D.G., R.S. Seymour, N.S. Scott, and W.S. Keeton. 2009. Mitigating climate change with managed forests: balancing expectations, opportunity, and risk. Journal of Forestry, January/February Issue: 50-51.

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Keeton, W.S., J.F. Franklin, and P.W. Mote. 2007. Climate variability, climate change, and western wildfire with implications for the suburban-wildland interface. Pages 223-255 in: A. Troy and R. Kennedy (eds.). Living on the Edge: Economic, Institutional and Management Perspectives on Wildfire Hazard in the Urban Interface. Advances in the Economics of Environmental Resources, vol. 6. Elsevier Sciences, New York, NY.

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