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Software and Hardware for Teaching

These are some of the products used in the Universal Design Technology Lab, which are available to UVM Faculty, Staff and Students. If you have any questions about any of these products, please feel free to contact Academic Support Programs at 656-5537.

Macromedia Captivate

Quickly create interactive simulations and software demonstrations. The demonstrations are literally movies that are generated when the program captures your inputs. For example, if you wanted to show someone the right places to click in a program to do a specific activity, you would push "play", and then click through the process you are teaching, and then hit stop. A movie is made showing every step of the way, with pop up text for the element name that you click on. You then have a 24/7 resource for going back and reviewing what to click.

Creative Zen micro 8GB

For use in classes, to record lectures, meetings, or anything else and then post it for use on web sites. (Pod casting) The voice recorder for this model is built in, no external mice is needed. It works much like an ipod does.

Kurzweil 3000Kurzweil 3000 Read only

This is one of the programs to convert text documents into e-text. What this program does is capture the text from a printed source, and convert it into another format. This usually means we scan a page of a book, and then "import" it into Kurzweil, which then automatically renders the page into text. The most commonly requested formats are plain text, mp3, and MS Word. Most free and cheap screen readers can read the text these programs create.

Dragon Naturally SpeakingDRAGON Naturally Speaking Preferred

Dragon is voice recognition software that works in virtually all windows based-applications including Internet Explorer. It also allows the user to speak out email, word documents, and manipulate the computer. In a sense, the voice dictation replaces the function of the mouse and the keyboard. As you can imagine, this is a novel way to interact with a computer for most people. The accuracy rate with the most current version claims that it will recognize most of a new user's spoken text right out of the box.


Inspiration is a tool that faculty and students can utilize to plan, research and complete projects successfully. With the integrated Diagram and Outline Views, they can create graphic organizers and expand topics into writing. This combination encourages learning in multiple modes. As a result, professors can present information in a variety of modalities and students gain and retain a better understanding of concepts and demonstrate knowledge, improving their performance across the curriculum.

Zoomtext Screen enlarger boxZoomtext

Zoomtext is a screen enlarger. It enlarges everything on the screen, making it much easier to read for low vision users.

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