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Journal Club Process

The Journal Club uses the steps of evidence-based practice put forth by Sackett and colleagues (2000). The Journal Club participants collaborate in completing each of the following steps.

Steps of Evidence-based Practice:
  1. Identifying a need for information
  2. Formulating a question using the PICO format
  3. Searching, finding and selecting evidence to answer the question
  4. Critical appraisal of evidence
  5. Integrating information into practice
  6. Performance evaluation

The Journal Club participants identify topics from which clinical questions are derived. Marie-Christine Potvin, the Journal Club coordinator, conducts the literature search and identifies with the co-facilitator, 3-4 key articles to answer the question. Journal Club participants volunteer to review an article and present a summary of it at each Journal Club meeting. Each participant is expected to volunteer to read an article at least once a year. Following this, all Journal Club participants discuss the level of evidence arising from the reviewed literature and its implication for practice. The participants who reviewed an article will work with the Journal Club Co-facilitator in writing the fact sheet on the topic.

Fact Sheets:

After each Journal Club meeting the coordinator and the presenters prepare - based on the presentation, meeting minutes and discussions - a fact sheet and circulate it among the participants for comments. The completed fact sheet will be available on the TRIPSCY website under the Topics Reviewed section of the Journal Club page.

Sackett, D.L., Straus, S.E., Richardson, W.S., Rosenbert, W., & Haynes, R.B. (2000) Evidence-based medicine: How to practice and teach EBM. London: Churchill Livingstone.

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