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Navigating the Process of Determining Need & Obtaining AIM

How Do I Decide If My Student or Child Needs AIM?

We have listed some tools that are designed to help teams when considering Accessible Instructional Materials and Assistive Technology to support student's in accessing those materials.
Accessible Instructional Materials 101: What Teachers, Local Education Agencies and Families Need to Know about NIMAS

This form can be used to consider the need for assistive technology (AT). If a child requires AT, then document AT needs in the IEP.
AIM Consideration Form and Assistive Technology Checklist

Documentation of NIMAS eligibility and Maintaining for District Files
Certification of Eligibility to Receive AIMs

Vermont has developed fact sheets to provide more information in navigating this complex process.

Vermont's AIM Fact Sheets
1. An Introduction to the National Instructional Materials Standard- NIMAS
2. An Introduction to the National Instructional Materials Access Center The NIMAC- for Text Book Materials
3. Vermont's National Accessible Media Producers- AMPs
4. What are LEA Responsibilities?
5. An Introduction to Web-based Digital Libraries

Student Success Vermont's AIM- Help line sheet (PDF) - to be posted soon

Tools for Accessing Digital Text and Audio - (PDF download 4 pages)

Supported Reading Software - (PDF download) - (Word Document download)

Two New Publications from the Partnership for Accessible Reading Assessments
  • Disabilities and Reading: Understanding the Effects of Disabilities and Their Relationship to Reading Instruction and Assessment
  • Exploring Factors That Affect the Accessibility of Reading Comprehension Assessments for Students With Disabilities: A Study of Segmented Text
  • Oregon Technology Access Program

Sample Consideration Checklist: Fourth Grader - (PDF download)

Sample Consideration Checklist: Sixth Grader - (PDF download)

Consideration Checklist - (Word document download)

Assistive Technology Resource Guide - (PDF download)

Accessible Textbooks in the Classroom
- An Educator's Guide to the Acquisition of Alternate Format Core Learning Materials for Pre-K–12 Students with Print Disabilities

Accessbile Textbooks in the Classroom II
- Selecting Specialized Formats

Web Standards, Accessibility and Usability from Penn State
- This link contains accessibility tutorials, references and links.

Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology Services
- QIAT includes quality indicators, intent statements, and common errors for eight areas important to the development and delivery of assistive technology services. It is the intent of the QIAT Consortium that each area be fully explored because the areas are complementary in nature.

Technology Supports for Struggling Readers (PDF)

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