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The Center on Disability and Community Inclusion (CDCI)

Life Histories at CDCI Team

Susan Ryan, CDCI Executive Director

Photo of Susan Ryan

Role: Dr. Susan Ryan produced the original CDCI Life Histories and envisioned this web site as a way to capture and save the life histories of Vermonters with disabilities. Susan volunteered at Wassaic Institution in New York in 1973, and completed her student teaching at Wassiac in 1975. She was an expert witness (1979-1982) during the closing of Brandon Training School and worked on the closure of Laconia State School in 1980. As a special education teacher and university professor, Dr. Ryan is committed to building inclusive schools and communities. Capturing life histories is a way to share and document stories for future generations of Vermonters.

Email: Dr. Susan Ryan
Phone: 802-656-1143
Fax: 802-656-1357

Deborah Lisi-Baker, CDCI Associate Director

Photo of Deborah Lisi-Baker

Role: Deborah Lisi-Baker contacted disability rights and service organizations looking for individuals willing to share their stories. She worked with Susan Ryan and the University of Vermont media staff in the production of the life history videos. Deborah is interested in continuing to collect Vermonters' stories.

Email: Deborah Lisi-Baker
Phone: 802-656-1334
Fax: 802-656-1357

Michaella Collins, CDCI Information Coordinator

Photo of Michaella Collins

Role: Michaella Collins manages the website for CDCI Life Histories, and is currently collecting more life histories. Michaella is a life-long Vermonter who started her career as a teacher in the Vermont State Hospital in Waterbury in 1977, when more than 600 Vermonters lived at the complex. She wants to make sure that the stories of Vermonters are not lost.

Email: Michaella Collins
Phone: 802-656-5785
Fax: 802-656-1357

Stirling Peebles, Think College and CDCI Staff

Photo of Stirling Peebles

Role: Stirling Peebles works for both Green Mountain Self Advocates, and The Center on Disability and Community Inclusion at the University of Vermont. Stirling enjoys collecting and producing life stories of young Vermonters.
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