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New Alcohol Guidelines in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland

According to the Department of Health based in the UK, changes to alcohol consumption guidelines will be put into effect January 2016. These new guidelines were established after studies showed health risks related to any level of alcohol consumption.

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Ohio Child With FASD to Receive Service Dog

In September, the Pence family, from Ohio, successfully met their $15,000 goal in order to receive a service dog for their child Joshua with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Chris and Megan Pence adopted Joshua as an infant. Along with the disorder, Joshua has been experiencing sensory processing issues, a behavioral ...

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Research Midwife in the UK Presents Research on FAS, FASD

Anne-Marie Winstone is a research midwife in the UK that conducted research on midwives’ knowledge, practices, and opinions regarding advice about FAS, FASD, and alcohol intake during pregnancy. Her research, conducted in 2011, revealed that of the 624 midwives that participated in a survey, only 10 percent defined FAS ...

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Northern Ontario pilot project aims to get MedicAlert bracelets for people with FASD

In Northern Ontario, Canada, the North Shore Tribal Council and Anishnabek Police are heading up a project with MedicAlert to give bracelets to those with FASD. The idea is that if the officer or individual can identify an individual as having FASD, they can understand they need to slow down and take their time when dealing with ...

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