BEST Summer Institute 2013


Individual Registration Instructions

Step 1: To be completed by April 1, (this Institute is expected to fill up fast).

NEW THIS YEAR!!! There is no longer a team pre-registration. Once the registration materials are posted, each individual team member must complete the online registration form.

Individuals must attend as part of a school or SU/District Team (min. of 2 people/team). Please encourage your other team members to register right away! Once registration is full, we can no longer accept additional team members. Please identify one member of your team to list as Team Leader on your individual registration form.

Complete on-line the Individual Registration Form. Participants accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Each team member must choose his/her first, second and third strand and workshop choice and then complete on-line the Individual Registration Form for each team member.

After individual registrations are completed, the Team Leader makes sure that the school/district has sent in the balance of fees due, and indicates the names of all the team members that will be attending.

Deadline for individual registration is April 1st. Due date for payment of all school team members is May 15th. Invoices will be sent no later than April 4th. Registrations will only be confirmed for attendance once payment is received.  This Institute is expected to fill up fast – registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Step 2: To be completed prior to attending the Best Summer Institute

Schedule a Pre-Institute Planning Meeting with your team.

Determine norms & roles for BEST Summer Institute team time.

Review the Camp List

Begin outlining the team's Implementation Plan that will be completed during Team Time at BEST Summer Institute.

Step 3: To be completed as soon as possible,

Make hotel reservations at the Killington Grand Resort: 1-800-282-9955.

Step 4: To be completed prior to attending the Best Summer Institute,

Check to make sure you have all your planning materials from the Camp List (computer, printer, paper, markers, snacks, etc.) and bring them to the BEST Summer Institute.

Step 5: To be completed while at the BEST Summer Institute

Enjoy yourself!