BEST Summer Institute 2009 - Strands

Strands are mini-courses that occur each morning for about 2.5 - 4 hours. Participants at the Institute will only attend one of the strands. For information on an individual strand, including required readings, click on the title of the strand in which you are interested.

Strand A

PBS Universal Leadership Team Training- Presenters: Doug Dows, Bev Heise, Rae Ann Knopf, Carol Randall, and Josh Souliere

Strand B

Targeted Level PBS Training for Eligible PBS School Leadership Teams - Presenter: Richard Boltax, Ruth Hamilton, Ken Kramberg, and Sherry Schoenberg of the Vermont BEST Team

Strand C

Responsiveness to Intervention (RtI) - Presenters: Janna Osman and Rich Reid

Strand D

Creating a Nurturing School Environment for Adults - Presenter: Ron Rubin

Strand E

Creating a Continuum of Support for Students with Academic/Behavioral/Emotional Challenges - Presenters: Lucille Eber and Julie Welkowitz

Strand F

Bullying Prevention = Positive Relationships for a Positive School Climate - Presenter: Chuck Saufler

Strand G

Words Come Alive! Using Drama and Movement in the Classroom - Presenter: Kim Jordan

Strand H

Classroom Strategies for Building Social, Emotional and Behavioral Competence - Presenter: Jon Udis

Strand I

Positively Adventure! - Presenter: Leslie Schreiber

Strand J

The Impact of Psychological Trauma on Development and Learning: Strategies for Achieving Success in Education - Presenter: Margaret Joyal

Strand K

Bringing Out the BEST in Vermont High Schools: Positive Behavior Supports and Proactive Discipline Practices - Presenter: Hank Bohanon