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Relationship Building, De-escalation and Crisis Prevention & Intervention

Roisin Viens & TBD


This strand will focus on the tools and strategies that support both students and staff to feel safe and supported in school.  Participants will explore, practice and master strategies within two crisis prevention/intervention models:  Life Space Intervention (LSI) and Non-violent Crisis Intervention of the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI). 

Using the Life Space Intervention (LSI) model, participants will learn how to support students with self-defeating behaviors using applied behavior management skills and building positive, helping relationships.

Participants will also receive training and certification in CPI, a safe, non-harmful behavior management system designed to support staff to provide for the best possible care, welfare, security and safety of children who become out-of-control or physically aggressive.  CPI teaches nonverbal and verbal strategies to prevent and de-escalate verbal acting-out behaviors, personal safety techniques to avoid client and staff injury, therapeutic physical intervention techniques using a team approach in physical control and restraint, and strategies in therapeutic post-vention, or debriefing.

Included will be a review of Vermont Rule 4500 on the use of restraint and seclusion in schools.  Understanding the need for school crisis response teams will also be discussed.

Who should attend?

Individuals working with students who become verbally and/or physically challenging are encouraged to attend.  While it is not required for participation, it is recommended that participants attend in crisis response teams formed by their school.


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