A person runningBEST/MTSS Summer Institute 2018

Strand L

Creating a Positive and Proactive Classroom to Support ALL Learners

Brandi Simonsen


In this strand, participants will

Strand Objectives:  Specifically, after attending this strand, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the critical features of positive and proactive classroom practices to support all students (Tier 1 Classroom Behavior Support Practices) and provide examples of each practice appropriate to their school context (e.g., grade level, ability level).
  2. Discuss strategies to intensify practices to support learners with more intense needs (Tiers 2 and 3 Classroom Behavior Support Practices).
  3. Discuss various approaches to assess and support teachersí implementation of positive and proactive classroom behavior support, complete a classroom management assessment, and develop an action plan to increase the fidelity with which evidence-based practices are implemented in a classroom (Classroom Data and Systems).

Who should attend?

Classroom teachers who want to improve their classroom management practices.  While not required, it is recommended that individuals attend as a team with someone else from their school.


Classroom PBIS Practices

Systems to Support




Dr. Brandi Simonsen is an associate professor of Special Education with tenure in the Department of Educational Psychology at the Neag School of Education and a Co-Director of the Center for Behavioral Education and Research (CBER; www.cber.org) at the University of Connecticut. She is a partner of the National Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS; www.pbis.org). Dr. Simonsen is currently the Vice President of the Association for Positive Behavior Support (www.apbs.org).  In addition, Dr. Simonsen serves as an associate editor for the Journal of Positive Behavioral Interventions.

Currently, Dr. Simonsen conducts research, publishes, teaches, and provides training/technical assistance in the areas of (a) school- and class-wide PBIS, (b) positive and proactive professional development supports for teachers, and (c) applications of PBIS in alternative education settings.  In addition, Dr. Simonsen coordinates UConnís Graduate Certificate Program in School-wide Positive Behavior Support.

Before joining the faculty at University of Connecticut in 2005, Dr. Simonsen was the director of a non-public (alternative) school for students with disabilities, who presented with challenging educational and behavioral needs. In addition to serving as an administrator and clinician, Dr. Simonsen has previously been certified as a teacher of elementary general education and middle-secondary special education.