A person runningBEST Summer Institute 2014


Understanding Bullying and Youth Violence Prevention through Emotional Intelligence and Developmental Perspectives

Bernice Garnett


This strand sequence will highlight the importance of emotional intelligence and social emotional learning in bullying and youth violence prevention work. Major developmental theories and evidenced-based strategies to promote emotional intelligence will be reviewed and discussed, anchored in the social-ecological model of prevention. Participants will actively integrate their experiences and knowledge of MTSS and PBIS to understand the overlaps and influence of these structures on emotional intelligence and bullying prevention work. Through case-based activities and group-based exercises, participants will be engaged through multiple modes of learning across the strand sequence.

Learning Objectives:



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Bernice Garnett Bernice Garnett is an Assistant Professor at the University of Vermont, in the College of Education and Social Services. Dr. Garnett’s background is in public health and social and behavioral sciences. Her major research interests include childhood obesity and eating disorders prevention, bullying, discrimination, and harassment, youth health disparities, food access and food insecurity and comprehensive school health. Bernice received her doctorate in public health from the Harvard School of Public Health.