A person runningBEST/MTSS Summer Institute 2015

Strand K

Implementing MTSS at the Secondary Level

Hank Bohanon and JoAnne Malloy


The purpose of this strand is to support participants in their implementation of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). Participants will have an increased knowledge base related to MTSS in high school settings. The areas of focus will be improving climate for staff and students.
Topics will include

Teams will hear from high schools in VT that are implementing their MTSS system.


This strand is intended for high school and middle school Leadership Teams or full teams (Building or SU/SD level) who are exploring Vermont’s Multi-tiered System of Supports. Ideal configuration of teams: Building level: A representative team including Principal (required), classroom teacher(s), special educator(s), counselor or behavior specialist. SU/SD level: Superintendent (ideally - or designee if not possible), building-level administrators and teacher leaders from general and special education.


Implementing MTSS at the Secondary Level Workbook (docx)
Day 1 - Implementing MTSS at the Secondary Level (pdf)
Day 1 - Implementing MTSS at the Secondary Level Powerpoint (ppt)
Day 2 - Implementing MTSS at the Secondary Level (pdf)
Day 2 - Implementing MTSS at the Secondary Level Powerpoint (pptx)
Day 3 - Creating School Environments That Deter Antisocial Behaviors In Youth (pdf)
Day 3 - Tiered Fidelity Inventory for Tier II (docx)
Day 3 - Tier II Interventions Assessment Tool (pdf)
Day 3 - Tier 2 in High School: Culture and Connection (pptx)
Day 4 - The RENEW Model: Supporting Transition-Age Youth With Emotional and Behavioral Challenges (pdf)
Day 4 - Extended Learning Opportunity Design Template (pdf)
Day 4 - Tiered Fidelity Inventory for Tier III (docx)
Day 4 - RENEW Overview: Transition Supports For Youth with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges (pptx)

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Hank BohanonDr. Bohanon has been a special education teacher in the Dallas Public Schools. He also has severed as project coordinator at the University of Kansas for the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs research on positive behavior supports. He is an associate professor in School of Education at Loyola University of Chicago. There he founded and served as the director of the Center for School Evaluation, Intervention, and Training (CSEIT). He is a former member of the board of directors for the Association of Positive Behavior Support. His research includes three-tiered academic and behavior supports in urban and suburban settings. His current work focuses on supports for high school settings and state level evaluation of practice for Response to Intervention, Social and Emotional Learning, and School Mental Health.
JoAnne MalloyJoAnne M. Malloy is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work and the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire. Ms. Malloy has directed two projects funded by the U.S. Department of Education that were the first in the country to link Positive Behavioral Supports and Interventions (PBIS) with dropout prevention. These projects, entitled APEX (Achievement in Prevention and Excellence) have been implemented in 17 high schools in New Hampshire, and have been replicated and expanded with state discretionary special education dollars. Ms. Malloy also directs a project funded by the NH Endowment for Health to train community mental health center staffs to provide RENEW services to youth with emotional and behavioral disorders. Ms. Malloy has published numerous articles and book chapters on employment and transition for youth with emotional disorders and adults with mental illness.