A Running PersonBEST/MTSS Summer Institute 2018


Strategies and Tools for Effective and Efficient Collaborative Planning and Co-Teaching

Rich Villa and Jackie Thousand


Co-teaching is the practice of members of a school community general and special educators, other specialized support personnel, and students themselves sharing instructional responsibility for all of the students assigned to them for instruction.
Participants in this strand will learn how to apply each of the four approaches to co-teaching in their instructional contexts, learn about the cautions in using each approach, and practice using planning tools for making co-teachers proficient in their joint instruction. They will learn what research conducted in 700 co-taught classrooms says about the relationship between co-teaching and student-centered practices. They also will learn how to successfully prepare and engage students to collaborate in instruction, advocacy, and decision-making.

Participants will:
1. differentiate the 4 co-teaching approaches (i.e., supportive, parallel, complementary, team) and identify the benefits and cautions associated with using each approach 

2. identify solutions to scheduling, role clarification, administrative support, and other logistical issues for implementing co-teaching
3. learn about and customize lesson planning and other tools for establishing trust, facilitating communication, and coordinating effort when co-teaching
4. become versed in the five critical elements of effective collaborative planning, the stages of group development, and ways for efficiently using available planning time
5. examine ways in which students can collaborate with adults in instruction, advocacy, and decision making

Who Should Attend:

Anyone is welcome!


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Dr. Richard A. Villa, president of Bayridge Consortium Inc., is an internationally known expert on the development of support systems for educating all students in general education. Dr. Villa has served as a middle and high school social studies and science, special education, and Title 1 teacher; a special education coordinator; a director of pupil personnel services; and a director of curriculum and instruction. He has authored 20 books and over 100 chapters andjournal articles on topics from co-teaching and differentiated instruction to inclusion and leadership in school reform and restructuring. Dr. Villa is a highly sought-after district, state, national and international professional development presenter, consultant, and coach. He is known for his knowledgeable, enthusiastic, audience-engaging, and humorous presentation style.

Dr. Jacqueline Thousand is Professor Emerita at California State University San Marcos and Vice President of Bayridge Consortium. She has developed and coordinated Education Specialist credential and Master of Arts programs and spearheaded the establishment of co-teaching as the clinical practice paradigm for all teacher preparation programs in the School of Education. She is a noted inclusive education advocate who has co-authored 21 books and numerous research articles and chapters on issues related to culturally proficient inclusive schooling, co-teaching, organizational change strategies, differentiated instruction and universal design, cooperative learning, collaborative teaming and creative problem-solving processes, student self-determination, and discipline with dignity. She is actively involved in international teacher education and inclusive education endeavors and serves on the editorial and advisory boards of several national and international journals and professional organizations.