A person runningBEST/MTSS Summer Institute 2017

Strand I - FULL

Creating Trauma-Informed School Communities

Joelle van Lent


This training is designed from current research on the key components and protective factors that foster resilience in children who are contending with a wide variety of stressors including mental health challenges, intellectual and learning variations, developmental disabilities, and chronic adversity within their environment.  Dr. van Lent will identify key elements and approaches for creating environments in which children can thrive.  The strand will include an in-depth discussion of the impact of early neglect and trauma on a childís development, specifically the childís ability to form healthy relationships, respond to context, engage in learning, and develop a positive self-concept. 

Participants will learn specific strategies and interventions that will create intentional opportunities for the development of essential skills within the realms of emotional regulation, social competency, and executive functioning.  Learning activities will highlight how participants can positively influence a childís development and offer specific ideas to put into practice. 

In an effort to also support the resilience of the educational provider, this training will address the risk factors and vulnerabilities for negative influence on those in helping professions.  Participants will develop an increased awareness of individual, work place, and cultural factors that could contribute to compassion fatigue.  Factors that promote compassion satisfaction and renewed commitment to self-care, connection, and health within a professionalís work life will be explored. 

Strand Objectives:

  1. Participants will learn about various forms of stress and current research relevant to fostering resilience in children.  There will be a focus on the protective factors and key elements that improve a childís ability to prevail in context of ongoing stressors of a wide variety.
  2. Participants will explore the impact of chronic exposure to trauma on child development, specifically focusing on attachment capacity, neurological functioning, affect regulation, and executive functioning.
  3. Participants will learn strategies and interventions that foster the development of essential skills that improve a childís engagement and functioning.  There will be a focus on the realms of emotional regulation, social competency, and executive functioning.  Specific examples and modeling of such skill development will be included.
  4. Participants will develop an understanding of the concepts of Compassion Fatigue and Compassion Satisfaction, as well as increased awareness of the associated risk factors and environmental vulnerabilities.  Participants will be actively engaged in developing ideas for self-care and effective professional collaboration.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone is welcome!



Balancing Adverse Childhood Experiences with HOPE


Dr. Joelle van LentDr. Joelle van Lent is a licensed psychologist with over 20 years of experience working with children, families, and child serving agencies.  Dr. van Lent has expertise as a therapist, clinician, evaluator, consultant, and trainer.  Her work focuses on child and adolescent mental health, family therapy, trauma, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Dr. van Lentís approach is geared toward fostering resilience and creating communities that support healthy development.  She is currently in private practice based in the northwestern part of Vermont and works across the state with schools and agencies.