A person runningBEST Summer Institute 2014

Strand I

Effective Implementation of VT MTSS - A Model for Continuous Improvement:  Developing capacity to do the right things—and to do them well.
(VT MTSS level 2)

Carol Randall, Michael Ferguson, Josh Souliere, Beth Steenwyk, Judi Maynard, and Jan Willey



This strand will explore the critical components, opportunities and effective strategies in implementing Vermont’s Multi-tiered System of Supports (VT MTSS).  Participants will learn about:

  1. The critical role of the ten guiding principles and five components of the VT MTSS model and how a MTSS Leadership Team can generate a collective motivation to engage in creating a culture of change;
  2. Designing intentional and purposeful strategies to implement change;
  3. Implementing with a positive and productive problem-solving process that engages staff in crucial conversations; and
  4. Evaluating and tracking progress for continuous improvement.

Vermont educators currently engaged in the journey to implement VT MTSS will be featured in this strand to share their successes, challenges and strategies. 

Audience:  Leadership Teams (Building or SU/SD level teams) who are in the process of designing, evaluating, or implementing their Multi-tiered System of Supports. 
Ideal configuration of teams:
Building level:  A representative team including Principal (required), classroom teacher(s), special educator(s), counselor or behavior specialist.
SU/SD level: Superintendent (ideally—or designee if not possible), building-level administrators and teacher leaders from general and special education.



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Carol Randall Carol Randall has been a member of the Agency of Education for close to nine years.  She currently serves as Assistant Director of the Integrated Support for Learning PK-8 Division with primary responsibilities for Vermont’s Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (VTPBiS) and project coordination of K-12 Vermont Multi-tiered System of Supports (K-12 vtMTSS).  Carol brings to her work experience as a visual arts educator and elementary school principal.  She highly values the learning opportunities of the BEST MTSS Summer Institute, having experienced many years as a member of school teams.
A picture of Elmo representing Michael Ferguson Michael Ferguson has a depth of experience and knowledge about assistive technology, accessible instructional technology and digital media. She is the Project Director for the State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG), Assistive Technology as well as the statewide NIMAC Coordinator for the Vermont Agency of Education.
Josh Souliere Josh Souliere is a School Effectiveness Coordinator for the Vermont Agency of Education. He consults with schools on implementing federal and state requirements in school improvement, their Educational Support Teams and Educational Support Systems, provides technical assistance and coaching in PBiS for the Northeast Region of Vermont and is a School-wide Information Systems (SWIS) trainer.
Beth Steenwyk

Beth A Steenwyk currently operates her own consulting business-Wolf Path Enterprise LLC.  Beth specializes in the area of systems design and effective implementation practices for education and human services. Recognized as having an expertise in the development and implementation of large-scale initiatives Beth has provided consultative support, technical assistance and training to 6 (six) state education agencies, a State Community Mental Health Improvement Grant and select national organizations.  Previously Beth has held the positions of Deputy Director of the Office of Special Education for the Michigan Department of Education, Executive Director of all MI IDEA funded initiatives and Chief Administrator for the State Schools for the Deaf.  She has been a local director of Special Education for 5 LEA’s, a Special Education Supervisor, a Transition Specialist and a Special Education classroom teacher.  Beth holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Calvin College, advanced graduate work in Early Childhood Education from Western Michigan University and a Master’s Degree in Education Leadership from Grand Valley State University.

Judi Maynard

Judi Maynard is currently an independent educational consultant (JLM Educational Consulting LLC) working throughout Vermont in several capacities:

  • Implementation Coordinator and External Systems Coach for the vtMTSS K-12 Project
  • School Effectiveness Coach
  • Mathematics Coach/Consultant
  • Math Recovery Teacher Leader
  • Principal Mentor

Previously, Judi was a Vermont principal for 27 years, serving on the VPA Executive Council for several of those years.  She has also been a special educator and middle level math teacher.  Judi has been involved in innovative projects and programs throughout her career, earning a number of recognitions including Vermont’s National Principal of the Year.

Jan Willey

Jan Willey has spent 24 years as Associate Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Professional Development.  Four of those years were in the Addison Northeast Supervisory Union and 19 were in the Addison Central Supervisory Union.  She began her educational career as a middle level French teacher, and followed that with a decade of service as a special education Consulting Teacher.  For the past two years, Jan has worked as a consultant for the Winooski School District in the area of curriculum and instruction.  She has also served as an external systems coach for the Personnel Professional Development Grant (SPDG4) through the Vermont Agency of Education.  Jan received a B.S. in Secondary Education, an M.Ed. and a CAS in Special Education from The University of Vermont, and has taken several courses in the area of curriculum development.