A person runningBEST/MTSS Summer Institute 2018

Strand H

Optimizing Your Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) to Achieve Better Outcomes for All Students

Tracy Watterson, and members of the Agency of Education MTSS Team and Special Education Team


You already have a MTSS in place, so whether your SU/SD leadership or school team is looking for a jump-start or innovative ideas join us in learning about and applying strategies and tools to achieve the best outcomes for all students.

In this strand, participants will:
•    Discuss the culture, policies, and systemic structures that are foundational to a vigorous MTSS and identify at least one area for systemic change in their system.
•    Explore structures of leadership teams, use of data, and staffing considerations within a multi-tiered system of supports and use these structures to support the identified change in their system.
•    Learn about the roles, responsibilities, and opportunities for planning and instruction in general education and special education collaborations and identify change in their system that will result in positive outcomes for all students.

Strand Objectives:
1.    Integrate new learning from presenters and peers (e.g. proficiency, personalization, scheduling, effective collaboration, educational support teams, and other staffing considerations) in systemic implementation to create a unified, comprehensive, and systemic approach with an SU/SD.
2.    Discuss and apply examples of evidence-based practices for school/classroom/student/family/community involvement for participants’ educational settings.
3.    Set goals to leverage existing expertise/ increase expertise of staff to allow more precise matching of student with the most need instructed by staff with the most appropriate expertise.
4.    Learn to use data and system/s to examine and monitor evidence-based practices to ensure fidelity and effectiveness of implementation.

Who Should Attend:

SU/SD/School MTSS Teams 





Tracy Watterson has been an educator since 1986, serving children as a K-5 teacher, para-educator, interventionist, and K-8 math specialist in Missouri, Washington, and Virginia.  She has served as adjunct professor at the University of Virginia, and provided professional learning in Washington, Virginia and Vermont. For the past five years, Tracy has worked at the Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) as Multi-tiered System of Supports Program Manager, SWIFT SEA Co-Coordinator, and Elementary Mathematics Assessment Coordinator.