A person runningBEST/MTSS Summer Institute 2017

Strand E

VTPBiS Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) & Behavior Support Planning (BSP) Training for School Teams

VTPBIS State Trainer


Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) is a process for identifying the events that reliably predict and maintain problem behavior. A Behavior Support Plan (BSP) then takes the observations made in an FBA and turns them into a concrete plan of action for managing a student's behavior. This strand will focus on practical approaches to developing effective FBAs and BSPs, including systems capacity for developing FBA/BSPs. It will also provide attendees an opportunity to develop an FBA for a selected student and leave with a plan to finalize the FBA back at school. As a result, individuals will gain competency in both facilitating and conducting this process. 

Who should attend?

A team (at least two people) consisting of staff who are selected by their School Leadership Team to develop the capacity to conduct FBA/BSPs, including those with expertise working with students with challenging behavior (counselors, behavior specialists etc.).


Check back after May 15th.