A Running PersonBEST/MTSS Summer Institute 2017

Strand C

VTPBiS Intensive Training

VTPBIS State Trainers 


School leadership teams that have implemented VTPBiS at the Targeted Level and have completed the VTPBiS Intensive Level Readiness Checklist are eligible to attend this training on the Intensive Level of VTPBiS.  PBIS Intensive Level Coordinators must participate in a brief orientation webinar on April 13, 2017. Visit http://uvmcdci.adobeconnect.com/e8u11lg2kjy/event/registration.html for more information.


This training will provide the content and facilitation needed to support school teams in preparing for implementation at the Intensive level. School Leadership teams will:

Who should attend?

VTPBiS leadership team participants should include, at a minimum, the administrator, School-based Coordinator a teacher, special educator, and staff trained in FBA.  Wondering if this strand is for you? Contact Amy Wheeler-Sutton at amy.wheeler-sutton@uvm.edu.


Check back after May 15th