A person runningBEST/MTSS Summer Institute 2018

Strand A

VTPBIS Universal Training

Ken Kramberg, Kym Asam, Teri Brooks


School teams must have completed the following activities to be eligible to attend this training:


Eligible School Leadership Teams will be supported with content and facilitation needed to complete their PBIS School-wide Implementation Plan within a Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework. Teams will prepare for PBIS roll-out to staff, students, and family members. School Leadership Teams will:

Who should attend?

School leadership teams consisting of representative members from the school including a building principal or assistant principal, Supervisory Union/Supervisory District coordinator and school-based PBIS coordinator.  Wondering if this strand is for you? Contact Amy Wheeler-Sutton at amy.wheeler-sutton@uvm.edu.


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