Definitions of Best Terms

Pre-Institute Planning

Schedule and complete at least two Pre-Institute Planning Meetings. As part of the pre-institute meetings, the team:

Determines norms & roles for BEST Summer Institute team times

Reviews Camp List

Begins outlining their Action Plan that will be completed during Team Time at BEST Summer Institute.



Mini-course that occurs each morning for about 2.5 hours.


1.5 hour special topics that occur only on Wednesday morning.

Team Leader

This school person is identified to recruit team members and ensure completion of registration materials. They schedule pre-institute planning meetings, communicate all pertinent instructions, and coordinate collection of camp list items for the BEST Summer Institute.


Rules established by each team for their team time planning.


Team members are expected to attend all four days of the institute, share roles (facilitator, recorder, timekeeper, jargon-buster) for activities and team planning time, and respect team norms (arrive on time, be prepared, resolve conflicts) that were established for the institute.

Action Plan

Your team will have at least three (3) hours of team time each day at the Institute. The outcome of this planning time is an Action Plan. This Plan is completed by the end of the Institute. Prior to the close of the Institute, BEST planning team members are available to assist your team in arranging on-going technical assistance to implement your Action Plan at your school.