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BEST: Building Effective Support For Teaching Students With Behavioral Challenges

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Strand F

A Proactive Approach to Preventing Challenging Behaviors through Effective Classroom Management Strategies

Justin Cooper



In this strand, participants will (a) learn the critical components of evidence-based practices in classroom management focusing on using teacher-based actions to proactively increase the probability of student success (first two sessions), (b) develop an implementation strategy to improve fidelity of these practices in a classroom with which they are familiar (third session), and (c) discuss systems that need to be in place to support and sustain classroom management in a school (fourth session).

•       By the end of the first and second sessions (focused on critical features), participants will be able to (i) describe several key proactive behavior management practices, (ii) provide examples of each practice appropriate to their school context (e.g., grade level, ability level), and (iii) discuss issues with implementing each practice.
•       By the end of the third session (focused on assessment and development of an implementation strategy), participants will (i) complete an assessment of a classroom with which they are familiar (i.e., their own classroom or a classroom with which they consult/work) and (ii) develop an implementation strategy for that classroom to increase the fidelity with which evidence-based practices are implemented.
•       By the end of the fourth session, participants will be able to (a) discuss various approaches to professional development for classroom management and (b) identify possible approaches for their own context (e.g., schools, districts, agencies).



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Dr. Justin Cooper Dr. Justin T. Cooper is an Assistant Professor of Learning and Behavioral Disorders in the Department of Special Education at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky.  He received his Ed.D. in learning and behavioral disorders from the University of Kentucky, his M.Ed. in special education from the University of Southern Mississippi, and his B.S in elementary and special education from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. He has been a special education classroom teacher in Utah, Wyoming, and Florida, working primarily with elementary and middle school students who have emotional and behavioral disorders. Dr. Cooper has provided training and professional development to classroom teachers on a variety of topics related to academic instruction and the use of positive behavior management techniques.  His research interests include academic and behavioral response to intervention, student engagement as a behavioral intervention, and proactive approaches to creating behavioral success in the school environment.


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