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BEST: Building Effective Support For Teaching Students With Behavioral Challenges

A Running PersonBEST Summer Institute 2014

Strand C

VTPBiS Intensive Level Leadership Team Training

Jesse Suter, Jean Haigh, Ken Kramberg, and Tracy Harris

For Eligible VTPBiS School Leadership Teams


School leadership teams that have implemented VTPBiS at the targeted level and have completed the VTPBiS Intensive Level Readiness Checklist are eligible to attend this training* on the Intensive level of VTPBiS.

*VTPBiS Coordinators will participate in an orientation webinar prior to leadership team training - January 29th or March 25th


This training will provide the content and facilitation needed to support school teams in preparing for implementation at the Intensive level. School Leadership teams will:

  • Complete an inventory of Targeted practices that can be adapted for individualized supports
  • Increase knowledge and fluency about the Intensive level of VTPBiS;
  • Identify the systems functions, responsibilities and roles at the intensive level;
  • Understand the features of individualized supports including:
    • Teaming
    • Setting Goals
    • Assessment
    • Intervention/s
    • Evaluation

· Develop strategies for building effective Behavior Intervention Plans
· Explore the data systems needed to facilitate effective Behavior Intervention Plans

Who should attend? VTPBiS leadership team participants should include, at a minimum, the administrator, a teacher, special educator and FBA staff.


Benchmarks for Advanced Tiers 4 9 13 (pdf)
Day 1 BATActionPlan-2012 (docx)
Day 1 Benchmarks for Advanced Tiers 4 9 13 (pdf)
Day 1 CICO Self-Assessment (doc)
Day 1 Intensive Team Profile (doc)
Day 1 Inventory of Targeted Supports (doc)
Day 1 Targeted, Intensive, Wrap Chart (docx)
Day 1 The Heart of the Matter (docx)
Day 1 VT-Intensive Readiness Checklist-2014 (docx)
Day 2 Effective Family Engagement Strategies (doc)
Day 2 Family Engagement Checklist (doc)
Day 2 FBAProtocol (doc)
Day 2 Muscott 2009 (pdf)
Day 2 PTR Goals (docx)
Day 2 Roles-Goals (docx)
Day 2 Steven handout (docx)
Day 3 Developing FBA Capacity in your School (docx)
Day 4 B5_Handout packet blank forms (docx)
Day 4 Behavior Rating Scale (pdf)
Day 4 FBABIP Graphic (pdf)
Day 4 ISIS-SWIS Readiness Checklist (docx)
Day 4 Proactive Crisis Plan (docx)
Day 4 SELF-CARE (docx)
Strategy Examples BEST SI 2014 (docx)
VTPBiS Intensive Training 2014 Day 1 (pdf)
VTPBiS Intensive Training 2014 Day 2 (pdf)
VTPBiS Intensive Training 2014 Day 3 (pdf)
VTPBiS Intensive Training 2014 Day 4 (pdf)



Jesse Suter Jesse Suter, Ph.D., is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Vermont assigned to the Center on Disability and Community Inclusion in the College of Education and Social Services. He earned his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2006, and joined the faculty at CDCI to pursue the development, research, and evaluation of school-based interventions for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities. He is pursuing a line of research in wraparound, a team-based planning process for meeting the needs of students with serious emotional and behavioral disabilities and maintaining them in their homes, schools, and communities. In this area, he has worked closely with John Burchard and Eric Bruns co-authoring several journal articles and book chapters, including the first meta-analysis of wraparound outcome studies. He also works with Michael Giangreco examining ways to improve special education service delivery for students with disabilities. Email: Website:
Jean Haigh

Jean Haigh, MA.Ed., External Systems Coach, Multi-Tiered System of Services, RtII, PBiS, Implementation Coach and Trainer, ViiM, Vermont’s Integrated and Instructional Model, Implementation Coach 4th year. Full time faculty, Johnson State College, Special Education 10 years, retired.  Special Education Director, Lamoille South SU and Rutland Central SU, 12 years. Program Director, Brandon Training School, 16 years and 5th grade teacher Lothrup Elementary School, 4 years.

Education; Edinburgh (Scotland), University, Microbiology, BSc., Castleton State College, BS, Education. Castleton State College, MAEd, in Curriculum and Instruction and Behavioral Psychology. Double major.

People in Partnership, Special Education Advisory Board, Juvenile Sex Offender Review Board, Higher Education Collaborative/ Autism Group,, RTI Research Team, 5 Pilot Schools. UVM, ACT 230 Review Team, UVM 1991-1993,    Higher Education Collaborative/ Special Education Group, Northwoods Stewardship Center, Board of Directors, 8 years, President, Green Mountain Club, current.

Ken Kramberg

Ken Kramberg is a member of the BEST Team and is one of a few internationally recognized Master Trainers in LSCI. Ken has thirty years of experience as a teacher and director of programs for children with challenging behaviors.

Tracy Harris Tracy Harris is a consultant for the prevention and intervention of challenging student behaviors at the Vermont Agency of Education. She came to the Agency of Education after 19 years at The Baird School and 7 years of experience in Vermont public schools.


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