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BEST: Building Effective Support For Teaching Students With Behavioral Challenges

A person runningBEST/MTSS Summer Institute 2014

Strand B

VTPBiS Targeted Level Team Training

Nicole Mondejar and Kym Asam

For PBIS School Teams only


PBIS School Teams must achieve a score of 80/80 on their post-implementation SET or 70% on the most recent Benchmarks of Quality (completed within four months)

PBIS Targeted Level Coordinators must participate in a brief orientation webinar on May 14, 2014. Visit for more information.


School leadership teams that have implemented School-wide PBIS with fidelity are eligible to attend this strand that will provide the content and facilitation needed to help school teams to prepare for implementation at the targeted level within a Multi-Tiered System of Supports. School Leadership Teams will:
• Increase knowledge and fluency about the targeted level of VTPBiS;
• Finalize systems needed at the targeted level;
• Complete an inventory of the formal and informal targeted supports currently available, identify gaps and prioritize practices for implementation;
• Learn about Check-In, Check-Out and Teacher Check, Connect and Expect and plan for implementation;
• Develop a foundational understanding of Functional Behavior Analysis and  Universal Screening and plan to integrate this into their targeted level of PBIS.

VTPBiS coordinators must participate in a brief orientation webinar prior to participation at the Summer Institute. Visit for more information. 


Building Positive Behavior Support Systems in Schools: Functional Behavior Assessment - Book by Crone & Horner

Responding to Problem Behavior in Schools: The Behavior Education Program - Book by Crone, Hawken, and Horner




Nicole Mondejar Nicole Mondejar, MHA, has been working in children's mental health for 15+ years in a variety of roles serving children, youth and families while collaborating with school teams and the local system of care. Nicole served for 7 years as the Director of the ACES Program at Washington County Mental Health where she coordinated services for children experiencing a Serious Emotional Disturbance and Autism Spectrum Disorders, their family and their school to deliver an individualized set of services designed to prevent placements outside of their community. Nicole has served for the past three years as the Director of Early Childhood Programs at Washington County Mental Health and is also a PBiS Implementation Coach for the Lamoille Region.
Kym Asam

Kym Asam is a Director of HowardCenter’s School Services program.  She earned her Master’s degree from the University of Hawaii’s School of Social work and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LICSW).  She has been practicing in the mental health field since 1992 and has extensive training in multiple, evidence-based methods for working with and treating children and adults who have experienced developmental trauma.  She is designated as a lead ARC trainer for the state of Vermont and is credentialed by the state as a Qualified Mental Health Provider.  In addition to direct work with clients, providing clinical supervision to multiple staff and consultation to schools on complicated emotional and behavioral student needs, Kym has developed and conducted numerous trainings for school personnel both in an out of the state of Vermont. 


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