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Materials for the 2017 BEST/MTSS Summer Institute

General Materials:

Institute Agenda (docx)
Schedule of the Week (docx)
Map (docx)
About the Presenters (docx)
BEST/MTSS Summer Institute 2017 Participant Letter(docx)


2017 Opening Remarks

Monday - Brandi Simonsen - Positive Classroom Keynote Presentation (pdf)

Tuesday - Maurice Elias - Keynote Presentation (pdf)

Thursday - Michael McSheehan - More Than Just a Great Institute: Putting Change in Place - Keynote Presentation (pdf)


Strand A: VTPBiS Universal Training - Presenters: Kym Asam, Amy Wheeler-Sutton, Bonnie Poe, Rebeccal Lallier, and Melissa Tappin

Strand B: VTPBiS Targeted Training - Presenters: Ken Kramberg & Nicole Grenier

School Examples:

Strand C: VTPBiS Intensive Training - CANCELLED!!

Strand D: Refresher in VTPBiS Features - Presenters: Cassandra Townshend, Kristin Beswick, and Jean Haigh

Strand E: FBA/BSP (Functional Behavioral Assessments/Behavior Support Planning) - Presenters: Teri Brooks, Cortney Keene, and Tracy Harris

Strand F: Creating a Positive and Proactive Classroom to Support ALL Learners - Presenter: Brandi Simonsen

Strand G: Restorative Justice: A Whole-School Approach- Presenter: Jon Kidde

Strand H: Laying the Foundation for a multi-tiered System of Supports at the Supervisory or District Level - CANCELLED!!

Strand I: Creating Trauma Informed School Communities - Presenter: Joelle van Lent

Strand J: Three Peas in a Pod: MTSS, Differentiated Instruction (DI) and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Together in the Classroom - Presenters: Michael McSheehan, Dawn Miller, and Loui Lord Nelson

Strand K: MTSS: Strategies for Creating an Interconnected System to Ensure Students Reach their Greatest Potential - Presenters: Michaela Martin and Jamie Kinnarney

Strand L: Expanding and Enhancing Tier 2 Interventions for Social and Academic Success - Presenters: Sarah Schoolcraft and Mandy Couturier

Strand M: Mindfulness-based Teaching and Learning: Multi-tiered Prevention for All - Presenters: Marilyn Webb Neagley, Sonia Cassani, Jeff Rettew, Jody Smith, and Carol Wheeler

Strand N: Using Data for Decision-Making within a PBIS Framework  (for Teams Only!) - Presenters: Adam Feinstein and Susannah Everett

Strand O: Increasing Cultural Competency in Vermont Schools - CANCELLED!!


A. Using Data and Universal Screening To Support Students at Northfield Middle School - Ryan Parkman, Chris Amell, and the Northfield Middle High School PBIS Team

B. Enriching PBIS Implementation by Integrating Social Emotional Learning - Rebecca Lallier and Amy Wheeler-Sutton

C. Special Education in VT: A Journey From our Past Into our Future - Jean Haigh and Jo-Anne Unruh

D. Integrated Field Review Overview: Focusing on Personalization, Multi-tiered Systems, and Safe, Healthy Schools - Josh Soulier and Jesse Roy

E.  Students as Change Agents for Personalization: Infusing Purpose, Meaning, and Hope in School Redesign - Mary Whalen and Clara Lew-Smith

F. The Good Behavior Game - Cortney Keene

G. PBIS and Responsive Classroom: A Perfect Fit - Kristin Beswick

H. Examining and Addressing Disproportionality in Disciplinary Practices - Tracy Harris

I. Introduction to Function-Based Thinking and FBA - Teri Brooks

J. The Role of Student Voice in a PBIS Middle School - Hayden Coon

K. Team Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS) for people working with PBIS schools - Nicole Grenier

L. Include! disability Studies for K-12 Classrooms - CANCELLED!!

M. De-escalation and Relationship Building - Ken Kramberg

N. CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON: Creative and Innovative Ways to Give Positive Feedback! - Shari Carr
O. Discover How to be Your Own Best Superhero - Gillian Pieper and Shevonne Travers

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