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Greetings from Burlington, Vermont!
My name is Michael Giangreco.

I am a Professor at The University of Vermont (UVM). I am assigned to the Department of Education and the Center on Disability and Community Inclusion. My professional interests focus on how to plan, adapt, coordinate, implement, and evaluate educational programs and services for students with disabilities who are included in general education classrooms.

Contact me at: Michael.Giangreco@uvm.edu

TASH 2013 Chicago Giangreco Presentation

Current Project Websites

Project EVOLVE Plus offers school-based research, training, technical assistance, and collaborative consultation related to inclusive special education service delivery.

Past Project Websites

Project evolve (expanding and validating options for learning through variations in education) (2002-2007)

Paraeducator Support of Students with Disabilities in General Education (1998-2003)

Paraeducator and Supervisor Training Project (1998-2002)

IEP Services Decision-Making (2000-2001)

Related Services Research Project (1994-1999)

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Selected Resources

My recent work has focused on five topics:
1. Inclusion of students with disabilities in
    general education classrooms

2. Paraprofessional Support of Students with

3. Educational curriculum planning for
    students with disabilities,particularly an
    approach called "COACH"

4. Use of Creative Problem-Solving to
    facilitate inclusive education, and

5. Coordination and decision-making
    pertaining to related services
    and other support services, including

6. Miscellaneous Topics