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CDCI Faculty, Staff & Affiliates


Main Office: Phone (802) 656-4031

Main Office: Fax (802) 656-1357


Name Phone Position and Project
Alexander, Tammy 802-236-1880 Educational Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Baker-Moody, Deb 802-734-8069 Academic Coordinator, Think College Vermont
Blanchard, Jolene
O.T. Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Chestna, Phoebe
Family Resources Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Coleman, Michael
CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher
Cronin, Rachel 802-656-2499 CDCI Business Manager and Human Resources, CDCI Core Project
Cummings, Pamela
Vermont I-Team
Dague, Bryan 802-656-1345 Program Coordinator, Think College Vermont
Deng, Atem
Program Specialist, Vermont Undergraduate Early Intervention/ECSE Personnel Preparation Program
Dubie, Anne 802-656-5775 Program Support, BEST Project
Ermolovich, Leslie 802-656-4767 ATP, AT Access Specialist, AT Tryout Center at UVM
George, Cassie 802-656-1126 Program Manager, Think College Vermont
Giangreco, Michael 802-656-1144 Project EVOLVE Plus / Michael Giangreco's Home Page
Gillen, Donna 802-483-9473 Family Resources Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Holland, Malai 802-656-4031 Program Coordinator, Nutrition Project
Hoza, Betsy
CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher
Hurley, Jennifer
Diretor, Vermont Early Education/Early Childhood Special Education Undergraduate Program, and CDCI Alliliated Faculty Researcher: Education, CDCI Core Project
Hutchins, Tiffany
CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher
Jorgensen, Cheryl
Statewide Educational Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Keene, Cortney
Educational Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Kervick, Colby
CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher
Kramberg, Ken
BEST Project
LeClair, Valerie 802-656-7122 Project Assistant, Vermont I-Team
Leibowitz, George
CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher
Lisi-Baker, Deborah 802-656-1334 Assistant Director of CDCI Family and Adult Servics / DD Certificate Program Director
Manning, Ben 802-656-1334 Assistant to Deborah Lisi-Baker, CDCI Core
Manzi, Paula 802-895-4529 Family Resources Consultant, Vermont I-Team / Vermont Sensory Access Project
Martin, Emily
Americorps VISTA Volunteer, Think College Vermont
McIntyre, Darren 802-656-1132 Project Director, Vermont I-Team / Community Services & Outreach Coordinator / CDCI Consultative Services
Melvin, Cindy
Staff Assistant
Mench, Elise
FASD Project Assistant, Green Mountain FASD Project
Miles, Barbara 802-453-5091 Deafblindness Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Mitrano, Leslie
Vermont Part C Early Intervention Program Affiliation at CDCI
Mueller, Patricia
Project Evaluator, Think College Vermont
Nauheimer, Jeanne 802-656-1141 Dissemination Coordinator, CDCI Core
Nelson, Emma 802-656-1120 Project Coordinator, VSAP / Cortical Visual Impairment Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Nevers, Maureen 802-656-7127 Augmentative Communication Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Peebles, Stirling
Life History Project Videographer, Life History Project / Think College Vermont Staff, Think College Vermont
Prelock, Patricia
CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher
Raymond, Kathleen 802-656-1140 Project Support, CDCI Core Project
Rosen, Michael
CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher
Roux, Tracy
AT Access Specialist, Waterbury Tryout Center, AT Tryout Center at UVM
Ryan, Susan 802-656-1143 CDCI Executive Director / CDCI Interdisciplinary Training Coordinator / Project Director, Think College Vermont
Schoenberg, Sherry 802-229-4554 Project Coordinator, BEST Project
Seaver-Reid, Mary-Ellen   Educational Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Shapiro, Susan
Statewide Educational Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Sharpe, Deb   Affiliate, Vermont I-Team / Project Co-Coordinator, CDCI Continence Project Co-Coordinator
Shepherd, Katharine
CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher
Starble, Amy   Interdisciplinary Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Stickle, Timothy
CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher
Suter, Jesse 802-656-1130 Research & Evaluation Coordinator, Evolve Plus, BEST
Thomas, Patricia
Vermont I-Team
Whitfield, Natalie
Personnel Development Coordinator, Children's Integrated Services

Willey, Tammy

802-734-8312 Family Resources Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Wilson, Abigail
FASD Project Assistant, Green Mountain FASD Project
Wimett, Benjamin
AT Access Specialist, Rutland AT Center AT Tryout Center at UVM

Woodward, Lisa

802-656-0414 Educational Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Yandow, Tamra
Physical Therapist, Vermont I-Team

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