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CDCI Faculty, Staff & Affiliates


Main Office: Phone (802) 656-4031

Main Office: Fax (802) 656-1357


Name Phone Position and Project
Alexander, Tammy 802-236-1880 Educational Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Blanchard, Jolene
O.T. Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Chestna, Phoebe
Family Resources Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Coleman, Michael
CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher
Cronin, Rachel 802-656-2499 CDCI Business Manager and Human Resources, CDCI Core Project
Cummings, Pamela
Vermont I-Team
Dague, Bryan 802-656-1345 Program Coordinator, Think College Vermont
Deng, Atem
Program Specialist, Vermont Undergraduate Early Intervention/ECSE Personnel Preparation Program
Dubie, Anne 802-656-5775 Program Support, BEST Project
Ermolovich, Leslie 802-656-4767 ATP, AT Access Specialist, AT Tryout Center at UVM
Feiss, Jacqueline
Vermont I-Team
Giangreco, Michael 802-656-1144 Project EVOLVE Plus / Michael Giangreco's Home Page
Gillen, Donna 802-483-9473 Family Resources Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Goff, Ashley
Americorps VISTA Volunteer, Think College Vermont
Holland, Malai 802-656-4031 Program Coordinator, Nutrition Project
Hoza, Betsy
CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher
Hurley, Jennifer
Diretor, Vermont Early Education/Early Childhood Special Education Undergraduate Program, and CDCI Alliliated Faculty Researcher: Education, CDCI Core Project
Hurst-Bouffard, Lisa
Assistant to the Executive Director; Program Support, Core Project
Hutchins, Tiffany
CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher
Jorgensen, Cheryl
Statewide Educational Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Keene, Cortney
Educational Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Kervick, Colby
CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher
Kramberg, Ken
BEST Project
LeClair, Valerie 802-656-7122 Project Assistant, Vermont I-Team
Lichtig, Chayah
Continence Project
Looby, Winnie 802-656-1334 DD Certificate Program Director
Manzi, Paula 802-895-4529 Family Resources Consultant, Vermont I-Team / Vermont Sensory Access Project
McIntyre, Darren 802-656-1132 Project Director, Vermont I-Team / Community Services & Outreach Coordinator / CDCI Consultative Services
Melvin, Cindy
Staff Assistant
Miles, Barbara 802-453-5091 Deafblindness Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Myers, Tammy
Vermont I-Team
Nauheimer, Jeanne 802-656-1141 Dissemination Coordinator, CDCI Core
Nelson, Emma 802-656-1120 Project Coordinator, VSAP / Cortical Visual Impairment Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Nevers, Maureen 802-656-7127 Augmentative Communication Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Peebles, Stirling
Life History Project Videographer, Life History Project / Dissemination Assistant, Think College Vermont
Prelock, Patricia
CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher
Raymond, Kathleen 802-656-1140 Project Support, CDCI Core Project
Rosen, Michael
CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher
Roux, Tracy
AT Access Specialist, Waterbury Tryout Center, AT Tryout Center at UVM
Ryan, Susan
Retired CDCI Director
Schoenberg, Sherry 802-656-9656 Project Coordinator, BEST Project
Seaver-Reid, Mary-Ellen   Educational Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Shapiro, Susan
Statewide Educational Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Sharpe, Deb   Affiliate, Vermont I-Team / Project Co-Coordinator, CDCI Continence Project Co-Coordinator
Shepherd, Katharine
CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher
Starble, Amy   Interdisciplinary Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Stickle, Timothy
CDCI Affiliated Faculty Researcher
Suter, Jesse 802-656-1130 Interim Executive Director of CDCI, Research & Evaluation Coordinator
Thomas, Patricia
Vermont I-Team
Wheeler-Sutton, Amy 802-656-9349
BEST Project
Whitfield, Natalie
Personnel Development Coordinator, Children's Integrated Services

Willey, Tammy

802-734-8312 Family Resources Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Wimett, Benjamin
AT Access Specialist, Rutland AT Center AT Tryout Center at UVM

Woodward, Lisa

802-656-0414 Educational Consultant, Vermont I-Team
Yandow, Tamra
Physical Therapist, Vermont I-Team
Yuan, Susan
Professor Emerita and Consultant

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