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We are a group of scientists at the undergraduate, masters, phd, and postdoctoral level working on large-scale, system problems in many fields including computational social science, linguistics, mathematics, data science, computer science, fluid dynamics, sociology, nonlinear dynamics, networks, ecology, and physics.

The team was first established over a decade ago by Peter Sheridan Dodds and Chris Danforth. Our alumni bring morally grounded and ethically conscious data science training to their important work in industry, government, and academia.

Current team members

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Aaron Schwartz, PhD student in Natural Resources, Project: Quantifying the impacts of nature on well being. NSF Graduate Research Fellow.
Jane Adams, Data Artist in Residence, MassMutual Center of Excellence in Complex Systems & Data Science
Todd DeLuca, PhD student in Complex Systems & Data Science. Project: algorithmic bias
Mariah Boudreau, PhD student in Mathematical Sciences. Project: Quantitative and evolutionary STEM training (QuEST)
Colin Van Oort, PhD student in Complex Systems & Data Science. Projects: Machine learning & computational finance. MS Thesis: Market efficiency in US stock markets: a study of the Dow 30 and S&P 30.

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Kelsey Linnell, PhD student in Mathematical Sciences. Project: Insomniometer, measuring population scale sleep with social media
John Ring IV, PhD student in Computer Science, Projects: Cybersecurity and computational finance
Kelly Gothard, BS student in Data Science, Project: Network communities on Reddit
Sophie Hodson, BS student in Data Science & Engineering. Project: Brain imaging predictors of social violence in children
Max Green, MS student in Complex Systems & Data Science. Thesis: Some results on a set of data driven stochastic wildfire models

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Anne Marie Stupinski, BS student in Data Science. Project: Quantifying stigma changes associated with mental health using social media
Danne Elbers, PhD student in Complex Systems & Data Science, Informatics Core Director of Data Management at MAVERIC Boston Veteran's Administration
Josh Minot, PhD student in Complex Systems & Data Science,. Project: Construction of a Potusometer measuring presidential influence on social media
Thayer Alshaabi, PhD student in Complex Systems & Data Science. Project: Mortality modeling
Michael Arnold, PhD student in Complex Systems & Data Science. Project: Principle component analysis of sociotechnical timeseries

Former team members

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Ben Emery, MS in Complex Systems & Data Science, Thesis: Network scientific and information theoretic approaches to social media during extreme climate events, Research Scientist at Sandia National Lab
Sandhya Gopchandani, MS in Computer Science, Thesis: Using word embeddings to explore the language of depression on twitter. Presently working on machine learning for iManage.
Ryan Gallagher, MS in Mathematics, Thesis: Disentangling discourse: networks, entropy, and social movements. PhD student in Network Science at Northeastern
Emily Cody, PhD in Mathematical Sciences, Thesis: Mathematical modeling of public opinion using traditional and social media. Data Scientist at Adobe
Lewis Mitchell, Ed Lorenz Postdoctoral Fellow in the Mathematics of Climate. Research project: The geography of happiness: connecting twitter sentiment and expression, demographics, and objective characteristics of place. Faculty member at Adelaide University.

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Andy Reagan, PhD in Mathematical Sciences, Thesis: Towards a science of human stories: using sentiment analysis and emotional arcs to understand the building blocks of complex social systems. Data Scientist at MassMutual
Andy Metcalf, MS in Complex Systems & Data Science. Data Scientist at Optimal Solutions
David Landay, MS student in Complex Systems & Data Science. Data Scientist at Optimal Solutions.
Ben Kotzen, undergraduate Mathematics major. Game theory applied to cooperation in the US congress.
David Dewhurst, PhD in Complex Systems & Data Science, Thesis: Essays on modeling and analysis of dynamic sociotechnical systems. MS Thesis: Some results on a class of optimization problems. Lead Data Scientist, Investment Division, MassMutual.

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Thomas Mcandrew, PhD in Mathematical Sciences, Thesis: Weighted networks: applications from power grid construction to crowd control. Assistant Prof, College of Health, Lehigh University
Yu Jiang, BS in Mathematics & Physics.
Suma Desu, BS in Mathematics, research project on positivity bias in language. Data Scientist at Apple.
Sven McCall, BS in Mathematics & Geography, Thesis: Lagrangian coherent structures. GIS Engineer at FatMap
Tyler Gray, PhD in Mathematical Sciences, Thesis: Measuring linguistic and cultural evolution using books and tweets. Mathematician at Institute for Defense Analyses

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Brandon Whitney, MS in Complex Systems & Data Science. BS Thesis: Categorizing snow depth trends in Vermont with singular value decomposition. Data Scientist at Faraday
Abby Ross, MS in Complex Systems & Data Science. Research project on gender bias in print media. Instructor at Northfield Mount Hermon School
Sarah Howerter, MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Researcher at Packetized Energy
Dilan Kiley, MS in Complex Systems & Data Science. BS Thesis: Characterizing the shapes of collective attention using social media. Data Scientist at Zillow
Lindsay Ross, BS in Computer Science. Thesis: Exploration of story arcs in palliative care conversations using natural language processing. Software Engineer at Apple

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Isabel Kloumann, BS in Mathematics & Physics. Research project: building the language assessment by Mechanical Turk (labMT) sentiment dictionary. Research scientist at Facebook
Ross Lieblappen, MS in Mathematics. Thesis: Aggressive shadowing of a low-dimensional model of atmospheric dynamics. Faculty at Vermont Technical College
Henry Mitchell, BS in Mathematics & Physics, Thesis: Chimera states and seizures in a mouse neuronal model. Graduate student at Johns Hopkins
Catherine Bliss, PhD in Mathematical Sciences. Thesis: Description, prediction, and evolution of a large, dynamic network from incomplete data. Faculty at SUNY Empire State
Eitan Pechenick, PhD in Mathematical Sciences. Thesis: Exploring the Google Books corpus: an information theoretic approach to linguistic evolution. Faculty at Maine School of Science & Mathematics

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Nicholas Allgaier, PhD in Mathematical Sciences. Thesis: Reverse engineering the human brain: an evolutionary computation approach to the analysis of fMRI data. Research faculty in Neuroscience at UVM
Kameron Decker Harris, MS in Mathematics. Thesis: On-off threshold models of social behavior. Faculty at Western Washington University.
Morgan Frank, MS in Mathematics. Thesis: Standing swells surveyed showing surprisingly stable solutions for the Lorenz '96 system. Postdoc at the MIT Media Lab
Michael Foley, MS in Mathematics. Thesis: An exploratory statistical analysis of NASDAQ-provided trade data. PhD student in Network Science at Northeastern
Eric Clark, PhD student in Complex Systems & Data Science, Thesis: Applications in sentiment analysis and machine learning for identifying public health variables across social media. Research Scientist at UVM. MS Thesis: Multi-lingual valence analysis across 20th century literature and the twittersphere.

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Sharon Alajajian, BS in Computer Science. Research project: The Lexicocalorimeter: Gauging public health through caloric input and output on social media. Admissions @UC Berkeley
Jake Williams, PhD in Mathematical Sciences. Thesis: Lexical mechanics: partitions, mixtures, and context. Assistant Professor, Information Sciences, Drexel University
Paul Lessard, MS in Mathematics. Thesis: Collective defection. PhD student at UC Boulder
Mark Ibrahim, MS in Mathematics. Thesis: Connecting every bit of knowledge: the structure of Wikipedia's first link network.
Laura Jennings, BS in Mathematics & Nutrition. Thesis: Veganation: is this thing on? Exploring perceptions of veganism. MS student in Food Systems at UVM

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Fletcher Hazlehurst, BS in Computer Science. Thesis: The growth and evolution of the meaning space spanned by the English language over the last thousand years. Programmer at Rock Gym Pro.
Kayla Horak, MS in Statistics, Research Statistician, University of Wisconsin
Ashley McKhann, BS in Mathematics & Physics. Thesis: ODEs modeling chaotic convection: data vs physics. PhD student at Harvard.
Chris Fusting, MS in Mathematics. Data Scientist at Railinc Corp
Darcy Glenn, BS in Physics, Thesis: Characterizing weather in a thermosyphon: an atmosphere that hangs on a wall. PhD student at Cambridge

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Kate Taggart, BS in Mathematics & Physics. Research project: Dynamic structure of networks updated according to simple local rules. Engineering manager at Hashicorp
Peter Larsen, BS in Computer Science. Research project: Tweeting ehile eating: comparing the sentiments of US business locations using social media
Lindsay Van Lier, MS in Mathematics. Scientist at Children's Health Coverage Programs of Vermont
Hassan Ridouane, NASA postdoc. Research Project: A 2-D numerical study of chaotic flow in a natural convection loop.
Dan Brown, MS in Mathematics. Research project: Intelligent traffic signals: extending the range of self-organization in the BML model. Scientist at National Life Insurance