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Vermont Mobile Home Park Research Collaborative

Mobile Home Deconstruction

Whether determined to be uninhabitable for health reasons or simply abandoned, mobile homes are difficult and expensive to deal with from a waste management perspective. Dr. Baker and two undergraduate students in 2005 initiated a study in the Town of Alburgh, VT where abandoned mobile homes were considered to be both a public health issue and blight on the rural landscape. Funded by a grant from the VT Agency of Natural Resources, the team worked with local contractors to deconstruct homes to determine how much waste could be diverted from the landfill by carefully sorting materials.

After Tropical Storm Irene flooded hundreds of mobile homes in August 2011, the Alburgh study was used to inform efforts led by the Lieutenant Governor's Office and the Agency of Commerce and Community Development to develop a program that would remove destroyed mobile homes from parks around the state. UVM and the Mobile Home Project joined the efforts to oversee and monitor the deconstruction of 68 mobile homes in six parks flooded by Irene. An analysis of the post-disaster deconstruction process is forthcoming.

Alburgh Mobile Home Deconstruction Project

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