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Mobile Home Park Community Studies

Dr. Baker with his students and partners from the Mobile Home Project at the Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity have been studying and engaging mobile home parks since 2007. These efforts first began in Starksboro with three park communities owned by the non-profit Addison County Community Trust. When the time came for updating the town plan it was quickly realized that there was a lack of voice from the parks—despite 20% of the town's housing stock being in the parks.

Fifty-five surveys were completed during the fall of 2007 in the three parks. The results were then brought back to the parks at three community forums held during the fall of 2008 where residents were able to obtain a copy of the results and discuss the issues of most importance to them with representatives from UVM, the Mobile Home Project, Town of Starksboro, and the Addison County Community Trust.

These forums led to one community, Brookside Mobile Home Park, re-energizing a defunct Resident Association. With critical technical assistance and support from UVM and the Mobile Home Project, the Brookside Resident Association has hosted many community events, initiated park efforts to improve the park aesthetics, and been a representative voice to the town and owner. Six other park communities were later surveyed in 2008 and 2009. Those results have been shared with a variety of stakeholders and have provided valuable insights into Vermont's mobile home parks.

For more details about the surveys and research, please read an article recently published in the Journal of Rural and Community Development.

A Window Into Park Life: Findings From a Resident Survey of Nine Mobile Home Park Communities in Vermont


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