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Who We Are

Who We Are

The Coalition to Create a Quality Learning Environment is a partnership between UVM and the Burlington community. This partnership was created to effectively change the environment, both on and off campus, that promotes and condones excessive drinking.

Action Plan

A Steering Committee for The Coalition to Create a Quality Learning Environment has been working with the Office of Alcohol and Other Substances of the American Medical Association to develop an action plan that is consistent with the goal of reducing binge drinking.

The current action plan target areas include: Alcohol Incidents and Response, Communication, Sense of Belonging and Environment.

Alcohol Incidents and Response

Prevention of and response to alcohol related incidents are important aspects of creating a safe and healthy environment. By outlining community expectations, we reinforce state laws and promote the principles by which we as a commuinty choose to live at UVM and the Greater Burlington Community.


Framing the message of this Coalition to the greater community involves eliminating mixed messages about the place alcohol should play in this community, and keeping space dedicated to living and learning free from alcohol advertising.

Sense of Belonging to the Campus and Community

By planning and promoting events that do not center around alcohol, we can create more opportunities for the community to interact and socialize in a healthy environment.


This area includes several initiatives that impact the overall environment of the university and surrounding community. While each of the preceeding target areas address environment, this target area attempts to influence the environmental factors that promote and condone alcohol abuse in our community.

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