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Social Justice Film Series

Each semester, the Center hosts a series of films and discussions addressing topics related to identity, culture, diversity, social justice and/or cultural pluralism. This semester's film series focuses on internationalizing social justice.

For more information or to request accommodations for these film screenings, please call (802) 656-8833 or e-mail

Spring 2015 Social Justice Film Series

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All films are screened at 7:30 PM in L/L Commons, Room 216

  • Sworn Virgins poster

    Sworn Virgins • January 27, 2015

    Sworn Virgins explores the lives of Albanian sworn virgins, women who take a vow of chastity and wear male clothing in order to live as men.

  • The Iran Job poster

    The Iran Job • February 17, 2015

    The Iran Job tells the story of African-American basketball player, Kevin Sheppard, who forms an alliance with three Iranian women to help start a social revolution.

  • The Economics of Happiness Film

    The Economics of Happinessfeatures a chorus of voice from six continents calling for systemic economic change through a worldwide movement of economic localization.

  • A Darker Side of Fair

    Shedding new light upon issues of global diversity, A Darker Side of Fair focuses on the extent to which a "fairness fetish" has permeated different levels of Indian society.

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