University of Vermont

Center for Cultural Pluralism

Professional Development Workshops

The following workshops are available to offices and departments at the University of Vermont are are available by request only. Requests must be made at least 4 weeks in advance of the desired workshop date.
For more information, e-mail or call 656-8833.

#1 Diversity Film & Discussion Workshop

Estimated workshop time: 75 to 120 minutes

This workshop uses film to address a specific area of professional development related to culture, diversity and social justice. The Center will work with your office to select a film or series of film clips to support some or all of the following three themes:

  1. Gaining awareness in a new area to help build basic knowledge.
  2. Understanding the breadth and depth in an area so a complex and rich level of understanding exists.
  3. Developing skills through the use of film case studies or vignettes so that the group has an opportunity for practice and assessment of behaviors and responses.

#2 Political Correctness: Why Can't I Say That... Or Can I?

Estimated workshop time: 2 to 3 hours

The term "Politically Correct" has become commonplace in our language. However, the origins and meanings are often assumed rather than explored. This workshop explores both the origins and current uses of the terms "politically correct" and "political correctness" as well as the ideas behind these terms.

Key Questions: What is political correctness: ideas, actions, behaviors, attitudes...? Who does or does not have to be politically correct? Who benefits and who does not benefit from politically correct language, behavior or ideals? Who decides political correctness and why? Bring your curiosity and examples to share.

#3 Responding to Bias: A Person to Person Approach

Estimated workshop time: 2 days consisting of a 2 hour session each day or 1 day with a minimum of a 3.5 hour session

This workshop engages participants in building an understanding of how to have meaningful conversations about racism and how to confront racism more effectively person to person. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of both the dynamics of interpersonal conflict in general and practical responses to racism that promote understanding and transformation. Using case scenarios, you will practice interpersonal skills and productive responses to interpersonal conflicts related to racism, prejudice and bigotry.

#4 When the Classroom Gets Odd: Suggestions for Difficult Classroom Moments

Estimated workshop time: 1 to 2 hours

This workshop is designed to support instruction. The session presents several key points for transforming a difficult classroom moment into an teachable moment. Participants gain an understanding of methods and frameworks for engaging, mediating and deflecting these “odd” classroom events. Participants are encouraged to bring examples for a facilitated group discussion after a short presentation.



See the FRN flyer for upcoming events:

  • National Symposium: Nov 20/21, 2015 in Washington, D.C.
  • Winter 2016: Jan 11-15, 2016 in San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Spring Scholar-in-Residence: Deadline Sept 18, New York.


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