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UVM on the Leaderboard for Forbes' #MyTopCollege Campaign

UVM is on Forbes' map. Keep tagging your posts about what makes UVM special with the hashtag #MyTopCollege, through July 18.

Leading up to their annual college rankings, to be released at the end of the month, Forbes magazine has launched a social media campaign to hear from students and alumni about what makes their colleges best. To participate in the #MyTopCollege campaign, higher ed communities are sharing thoughts and photos on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook in celebration of their schools.

The University of Vermont made the leaderboard for most shared content the first week of the competition and as of July 8th was in eighth place.

See some examples of what students and alumni are sharing about UVM:

MyTopCollege tweet

Old Mill photo tweet

Causeway photo tweet

MyTopCollege tweet

Forbes is still looking for submissions. Tag your social media posts about why UVM is your top college with the hashtag #MyTopCollege to keep the university on the leaderboard and for a chance for your post to appear in the magazine. The campaign closes Friday, July 18.