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The Center for Cultural Pluralism and the Global Gateway Program presented:

The Importance of Intercultural Communication

In March 2015, Dr. Leeva Chung presented four workshops on Intercultural Communication and Identities in the Classroom. Read on for more information about Dr. Chung and the workshops she facilitated.


Dr. Leeva C. Chung is Professor and Interim Chair in the Communication Studies Department at the University of San Diego. She is also an affiliate faculty member in Ethnic Studies and faculty onsite coordinator for the Winter Intersession in Hong Kong. She enjoys teaching intercultural communication, global teams, and ethnic identity and interaction. Dr. Chung also conducts training among Rainbow Educators and human resource groups. Her research interests include ethnic and global identity, intergroup perceptions and pop culture. Her most recent publication is the 2nd edition of Understanding Intercultural Communication, co-authored with Stella Ting-Toomey. She was the 2007 winner of the University of San Diego’s Competitive Innovations in Experiential Education Award.

Introduction to Intercultural Communication

  • Understand various identity-based communication themes in contemporary U.S. society and international arenas
  • Discuss basic conceptual frameworks in understanding intercultural communication
  • Engage in active dialogue on successful strategies and appropriate communication skills for managing intercultural situations

Intermediate Intercultural Communication: Theory to Practice

  • Build upon an existing basic knowledge of intercultural communication using multiple intercultural communication models to analyze cross-cultural interactions
  • Explore in-depth methods of assessment, self-assessment tests, critical incident analyses, small group discussions, video analyses, intercultural simulations and effective debriefing
  • Practice using theories and concepts of stereotypes and intergroup biases to improve communication

Artfully Navigating Identities in the Classroom

Open only to those who are involved with teaching (faculty, graduate teaching assistants or teaching staff), this session is designed to increase participants understanding of culture and identity as it applies to curriculum and pedagogy (classroom practices as a teacher). Participants will learn theory as it supports navigating and understanding practice decisions and learners'. Come with questions and examples from your own experiences and be willing to lean into complex conversations.

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