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Pedagogical & Curricular Issues of Diversity (D1) Courses

In June 2015, Dr. Bill Howe presented a full-day workshop on guiding with content & process in diversity focused courses. Read below for more information about Dr. Howe and his workshop.

Bill Howe Dr. Bill Howe, before recently retiring, was the Education Consultant for Culturally Responsive Education at the Connecticut State Department of Education. He is also an adjunct faculty in multicultural education at the University of Connecticut, Albertus Magnus College and Quinnipiac University. Bill is the Past-President of the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME). Dr. Howe is the co-author of a textbook on multicultural education – “Becoming a multicultural educator: Developing awareness, gaining skills, and taking action” (2014, SAGE) which won the 2013 Philip C. Chinn Multicultural Book Award from NAME. In 2006 he was named the G. Pritchy Smith Multicultural Educator of the Year at the Annual NAME Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

Guiding with content & process in diversity focused courses

University level diversity courses can present a unique set of challenges for faculty regarding both curriculum and pedagogy. This session will enhance our understanding of cultural identities and their influence on teaching and learning, expand knowledge of culturally responsive teaching and explore instructional strategies important for multicultural educators. This highly interactive workshop will cover six key topics:

  • Defining the Goals/Objectives for Culturally Responsive Education,
  • Seven Key Social Skills,
  • Understanding & Working with Bias,
  • Teaching Constructivist Listening,
  • Aspects of Cultural/Global Skills, and
  • Characteristics of a Culturally Responsive Classroom.

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