University of Vermont

Center for Cultural Pluralism

House Policies for Room Reservations at Allen House

Two weeks prior notice is requested for an all-day reservation.

Preference is given to Allen House organizations and to UVM organizations without their own space.

A full-time UVM Staff or Faculty member or Graduate Student with a stipend position MUST be in the building during the entire event.

Only our 1st floor is accessible to persons with impaired mobility.

Building Access: Our front and rear doors are kept locked by computer all day on Saturday and Sunday, and from 5:30 A.M. to 7:30 A.M. Monday through Friday. Under special conditions doors can be unlocked early; this is only done for an on-going event such as a class and you must complete a R-25 form. If you will need access to the building during the (locked) hours stated above, please call 656-8833 for more information.

All Administrative offices are off limits to groups meeting here outside of our regular business hours (M–F 8:00 A.M.–4:30 P.M.).

Returning furniture to its original arrangement: With the exception of the large conference tables and the green upholstered chairs in Rm. 204, other lightweight tables and chairs may be moved from room to room or re-arranged to suit your purpose. However, when your event is over, the furniture should be returned to its original location and arrangement.

Lights are to be turned off before you leave the building.

All ground-floor windows must be closed AND LOCKED before leaving the building. Please close other windows as well if bad weather appears imminent.

Please clean-up after serving meals or refreshments: Please wipe off any tables used for serving food or drink, and also clean up the kitchen as needed. If you wish to keep leftover food in the refrigerator for a day or two, just label it (unlabelled food is assumed to be "to share" and will eventually be thrown out). If the event has generated excess garbage for the trash cans, please use one of the extra trash bags (found in the bottom of most trash cans, underneath the bag in use) and taken out to the dumpster in the parking lot. By asking each group to pick up, we insure a clean and welcoming space for any group that may be using the space next—for example, early the next morning (there is no custodial service here in the later evening or on weekends). There will be fees assessed for any damages and for any extra cleaning charges incurred. If extra cleaning charges are necessary, a $50 minimum will be assessed.

Exterior doors may NOT be propped open. This is a serious security hazard.

The thermostats are locked and cannot be adjusted. If you have a problem with the heating system, please talk with the director or staff assistant.

Fire/Burnables Policy: As a general rule, there is to be no burning of candles, incense, or anything else in the building. Because of the wooden structure and age of the Allen House, burning anything within the building is not allowed.

No alcohol is allowed on the premises.

I have read the above statement, "House Policies for Room Reservations at Allen House" and agree to assume responsibility for my group’s event at the Allen House on

Date:__________________________   Signature:____________________________

Name (please print):____________________________________

Telephone:_____________________ Email:_______________________


Please provide the following information regarding your request for a reservation of the following room(s) at the Allen House:
_____ Rm. 102, Leon Lawrence Community Lounge
_____ Rm. 104, French Family Classroom
_____ Rm. 107 & 109, Dining Room and Kitchen
_____ Rm. 201, Library
_____ Rm. 204, Conference Room
_____ Rm. 303, Multipurpose Room
_____ Rm. 304, Student Lounge

The day & date of your reservation is:__________________________ during (hours)_________________

Purpose of meeting/event:_________________________________________________________________


Number of persons who will attend the event:___

Names of groups/organizations sponsoring the event:___________________________________________


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