University of Vermont

Center for Cultural Pluralism

UVM Diversity & Equity Unit

The Center is a member of UVM's Diversity & Equity Unit. Our Diversity & Equity partner organizations are the ALANA Student Center, the LGBTQA Center, the Women's Center, Office of Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity, and the Abenaki Outreach Program.

Affiliates at the University of Vermont

Below you will find a list of UVM offices and student organizations that are affiliated with the Center for Cultural Pluralism.

ACCESS provides Accommodations, Consultation, Collaboration, and Educational Support Services to students with documented disabilities. Among their programs and services, ACCESS offers: exam accommodations, meetings with disability specialists to receive advisement and advocacy around disability-related matters, ebooks, deaf and hard of hearing services, notetaking and adaptive technology.

ALANA Coalition
A campus wide organization that serves and represents faculty, staff and graduate students of color at the University of Vermont.

ALANA and U.S. Ethnic Studies Program
An interdisciplinary program that is focused on the study of cultures, values, historical and contemporary issues related to people who identify themselves as African American, Latino/a, Asia n American and Native American.

ALANA Student Center

Center for Holocaust Studies
The Center for Holocaust Studies is committed to the study of the Holocaust and the exploration of the legacy of that series of events for the post-World War II world.

Community-University Partnerships & Service Learning (CUPS)

Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Program


Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity (AAEO)

Office of International Education Services (OIE)

Office of the Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity, & Multicultural Affairs

Presidential Commissions:

Race and Culture Program

Women's Center


Dismantling Rape Culture Conference
An annual conference run through the Women's Center every April.

Translating Identity Conference
An annual conference sponsored by the Free To Be Student Organization, every October.

Student Organizations

Alianza Latina
A UVM student organization made up of Latin American students, whose primary goal is to provide support to the Latin American community of UVM. As part of the Burlington community, they contribute cultural awareness and facilitate incoming Latin American students' transition to UVM

Asian American Student Union
A UVM student organization that works to to heighten awareness concerning Asian American issues, campus and community wide, and to provide support for Asian students.

Free to Be: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Alliance (GLBTA)
A UVM student organization that actively works on creating a safe space for people of all sexualities/invidualities within ourselves, the GLBTA, and the UVM community.

German House
A Living/Learning Center program that provides students the opportunity to deepen their understanding and appreciation for the German language and culture in ways not commonly possible in a traditional classroom setting and timetable.

A UVM student organization that provides Jewish programming at UVM to all students interested in learning about Judaism. Hillel sponsors monthly Shabbat dinners as well as programs and events for most of the Jewish holidays. Contact: Hillel Director, 656-1153

Japanese House
A Living/Learning Center residential program open to all UVM students who are currently studying or have studied Japanese culture or language, and also to Japanese international students willing to share their knowledge and skills.

La Casa Hispanica
A Living/Learning Center program designed to reinforce knowledge of Hispanic language and culture.

La Maison Francaise
A Living/Learning Center program that offers students a community based on their interests in Francophone language and culture, in which they make French the language of their everyday activities.

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