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Center for Cultural Pluralism

Center for Cultural Pluralism

The Center focuses on the intersections of issues of culture and social justice.

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What's going on at CCP?


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Welcome to the Center for Cultural Pluralism!

Our Mission & Philosophy

The Center for Cultural Pluralism (CCP) is an office of the Diversity & Equity Unit under the Office of the Vice President for Human Resources, Diversity & Multicultural Affairs.

The mission of the Center is to equip faculty, staff and students with the cultural and social justice competencies necessary to function at their best in their intellectual, leadership and pedagogical practices so that the Unviersity can provide the highest quality of education.

The Center offers a unique “Cultural Hub” where individuals and organizations working on behalf of cultural diversity and social justice issues can focus on collaboration and coalition efforts. The Center offers advising, consulting, educational programs and smallgrants to further UVM’s strategic objectives linked to cultural diversity and social justice.

The Center provide resources and assistance to the UVM community, Burlington and the State of Vermont on issues of multicultural education, cultural awareness, prejudice reduction, and social justice.

The Center supports and initiates educational and social programs designed to raise awareness, expand understanding and knowledge and develop skills for effective intercultural communication.

The Center for Cultural Pluralism is a highly visible, tangible symbol of UVM’s commitment to equity, social justice, inclusiveness and critical thinking.

What can the Center for Cultural Pluralism do for you?

  • Provide a consulting resource for curriculum transformation and infusion of multicultural issues
  • Offer general professional development workshops, including unit specfic trainings for faculty & staff
  • Offer small grants to develop programs or curriculum focused on cultural pluralism and social justice themes
  • Educational programs and training’s for students, faculty & staff to attend
  • Provide physical space for meetings, workshops and retreats
  • Suppor the distribution of information on social justice and multicultural events
  • Loan library and video materials for viewing or class use on short term basis to UVM faculty and staff
  • Take a look at our Information Guide in (Word) or (PDF)

CCP News You Should Know


Giving Voice to the Pain: Black Lives Matter

A MLK Celebration, Education and Learning Event.   


Martin Luther King Celebration, Education & Learning Events

Over the next couple of weeks, the University of Vermont has scheduled numerous events that give those who are interested the opportunity to celebrate the late Martin Luther King and further educate themselves on issues being faced by the black community today.

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