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Cellular and molecular biology core
  Cellular and Molecular Biology Core

Dr. Sheryl White
HSRF 414A/427A
656-2007 or 656-4549

Technical Support
Thomm Buttolph

Edward Zelazny

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Consulting Services
The core director is available for consultation on molecular biology techniques or project planning. Construct design, cloning or screening strategies, mutagenesis, PCR/RT-PCR approaches, proteomics, and library construction are among the many services available.

Training Services
The core director and technician are available to train laboratory personnel or principal investigators in molecular biology/cell culture techniques. The goal of this service is to train personnel to be able to work independently on specific techniques.

Technical Services
The core director and technicians are available to perform experiments to generate preliminary data for grant applications or complete data for one-time projects. If you anticipate the need to regularly perform specific techniques, we will be happy to offer training services to laboratory personnel.

Molecular Biology Services

Cell Culture, Histology and Microscopy Services


  • Zeiss P.A.L.M. Microlaser Dissection System for sections and live cells
  • 2 high speed centrifuges
  • 2 Beckman ultracentrifuges (1 tabletop, 1 floor)
  • Li Cor Odyssey Infrared Imager
  • Ciphergen SELDI-TOF mass spectrometer
  • Qiacube robot for DNA/RNA/Protein isolations
  • MP Biomedicals Fast prep for sample extraction
  • 2 ABI 7500FAST Quantitative PCR systems
  • BioRad Calligrapher array printer
  • BioRad Experion electrophoresis system
  • Nanodrop spectrophotometer for DNA/RNA/protein analysis
  • Microbrightfield Morphometric Software (Neurolucida)
  • Turner luminometer
  • BioRad Chemidoc gel imaging system for gel documentation and analysis
  • Complete facility for bacterial transformation, growth and screening
  • Electrophoresis apparatus for agarose and acrylamide gels
  • Sequencing and blotting apparatus
  • Electroporators for bacterial and mammalian cells
  • Incubators and shakers for probe hybridizations and washing
  • 3 thermal cyclers, including a gradient cycler and one with in situ capability
  • Low speed cooled table-top centrifuge for cell and filtration centrifugation
  • CloneZone with ultraviolet light for assembling PCR reactions
  • Complete cell culture facilities including hood, incubators and microscopes
  • Nikon fluorescence microscopes equipped with imaging system
  • Radioisotope facility
  • Computers for oligonucleotide primer analysis and sequence analysis
  • Cryostat
  • Rotary microtome
  • ZeissAxiovert fluorescence microscope

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